Park management: Automation and controlling

Park management: Automation and controlling

Optimum networking

Increase the efficiency of your system with intelligent automation and networking.

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  • Solution for segment control

    The profitable operation of large photovoltaic systems requires continuous monitoring and control at segment level.

Use continuous operating data acquisition and intelligent data management to enhance the efficiency and yield of your photovoltaic system. The network infrastructure components from Phoenix Contact allow you to safely and reliably network your ground-mounted photovoltaic system.

Thanks to intelligent automation and visualization tools, you can continuously record and evaluate data from the ground-mounted system. Furthermore, you can maintain ground-mounted systems remotely via public networks.

Your advantages

  • Low engineering and operating costs, thanks to intelligent automation solutions
  • Redundant and therefore failsafe networks
  • Standardized data transmission according to SunSpec® or IEC 61850
  • Fast engineering, thanks to dedicated function blocks


Switch in the application  

Network components for the safe operation of photovoltaic systems

Network your ground-mounted system quickly and easily with components from Phoenix Contact and create redundant and firewall-protected networks.

Irrespective of which transmission medium you use, we have the right network components for you to set up a failsafe communication solution. The basis for this includes the high-performance Gigabit switches, modems, and media converters.

Monitor and control

Array Control in the application  

Continuously record and evaluate all data from the photovoltaic system

Operating large photovoltaic systems requires continuous monitoring and control at the segment level. Our data logger assumes this function and records all relevant data about the ambient conditions and the inverter status. This data is transmitted to a higher-level SCADA system in the central control room.

Automation and visualization

Irradiation curves of photovoltaic systems  

Customer-specific visualization solutions for photovoltaic systems

Continuous control is the key to efficient photovoltaic park management. Phoenix Contact offers standard and customer-specific solutions for the automation and visualization of photovoltaic systems as well as innovative software products such as libraries for function blocks in accordance with IEC 61131. A variety of drivers for dataloggers and interfaces for inverters complete the overall package.

Data logging – For efficient operation of large-scale photovoltaic systems

To ensure effective system monitoring in large photovoltaic systems, the currents of individual strings are monitored. The resulting data volume is recorded by Phoenix Contact data loggers. Additional data from the inverter and weather sensors, such as shade, is also collected.


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