Monitoring and protecting

Monitoring and protecting

Protect against surge voltages

Solutions from Phoenix Contact ensure the maximum degree of safety for your system.

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It is not always a direct lightning strike in the photovoltaic panel that causes surge voltage damage. Surge voltages can also be coupled across panel surfaces and DC voltage cables.

Additional causes of error include defective cables and photovoltaic panels. For all cases of danger, error, and maintenance, you can now use the new Phoenix Contact panel shutdown function to put your entire roof-mounted system into a safe state. With monitoring software specifically designed for roof-mounted systems of up to 500 KW, you will detect all system errors instantaneously, enabling you to react immediately when needed.

Your advantages

  • All sets in dust- and water-jet-proof housings (IP65)
  • Fast installation, thanks to the pre-assembly of the photovoltaic sets
  • Maximum degree of safety during maintenance and in the case of danger
  • Information always at your fingertips wherever you are with alarm generation via e-mail or SMS

Protect against surge voltages

Surge protection for PV roof-mounted systems  

Pre-assembled PV sets reliably protect roof-mounted systems

With its pre-assembled sets, Phoenix Contact offers reliable system solutions that protect the inverter directly in front of the DC and AC voltage inputs.

Surge voltage couplings are directly discharged to the ground potential. Inverters and other sensitive devices are reliably protected against surge voltage.

Panel shutdown

PV panel shutdown  

Intelligent shutdown at panel level

The new photovoltaic panel shutdown function from Phoenix Contact intelligently and safely shuts down photovoltaic panels in the case of danger or for maintenance.

Integration into new and existing systems is especially easy. It also has an intelligent start unit, which ensures automatic restarting of the photovoltaic system under safe conditions.


Web visualization interface  

Monitoring solution for roof-mounted systems

The PV Monitor+ monitoring software is the efficient solution for securing the long-term yield of your roof-mounted photovoltaic systems.

Voltages and currents are acquired by a modular small-scale controller. If values exceed or fall below the set parameters, an alarm is sent out by e-mail or SMS. This means that you can keep an eye on system performance at all times and intervene in processes if required.

Monitoring and protecting roof-mounted systems

From surge protection to shutdown at panel level, Phoenix Contact provides a comprehensive product portfolio for roof-mounted systems.

The photovoltaic panel shutdown function de-energizes each individual panel. The disconnection takes place automatically in the event of a fault and each time the inverter is shut down. The PV Monitor+ software monitoring solution is optimally designed for commercial photovoltaic systems and completes the overall package.

Monitoring and protecting roof-mounted PV systems

Comprehensive solutions from shutdown at panel level right through to system monitoring


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Web-based visualization

PV Monitor is a web-based visualization based on industrial components.

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