Trace heating monitoring

Trace heating monitoring

Early detection of failures

Simple assurance via current measurement.

The temperature of a medium plays an important role in many processes. The temperature is controlled using steam, heat exchangers or purely electrically. Older trace heaters are often connected to the power grid via just one fuse. Failures therefore often go unnoticed, and lead to system downtimes.

With the Phoenix Contact solution, the system is monitored e.g. simply via current measuring. The current of the heating system is measured by our current transducers. These devices are combined with our wireless system to transmit the measuring signals to the control center without the need for complex cabling.

Your advantages

  • Increased system availability, thanks to the early detection of trace heating failures and prevention of system downtimes
  • Increased economic efficiency of your system through the optimization of your energy consumption
  • Low installation and maintenance costs, due to wireless technology and the omission of complex cabling
  • Reliable data transmission via Trusted Wireless, from the trace heating system directly to the control room
  • Quick and easy installation, thanks to a pre-assembled, ready-to-use control box

Easy implementation with standard components

Modularly extendable trace heating monitoring

The Radioline master from Phoenix Contact can communicate with up to 99 slaves. In the slave station, the communication module is extended with any type of I/O module, such as with a 4-channel analog input module. A suitable current transformer is connected via the current transducer, which measures the current in the trace heating system.

Trace heating  

With the solution from Phoenix Contact, remote stations can be monitored and controlled without access to cables


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