Maritim 4.0

Container vessel in the port

Future-proof, digital, and efficient

Reliable automation of ships in all service life phases.

Autonomous ships will become a reality in the next few years and the topics of Industrie 4.0 and digitalization combined under the guise of “Maritim 4.0” have become increasingly important.
The digitalization of ships in all service life phases requires new technologies and solutions that meet future requirements to operate ships more efficiently and digitally. Being able to retrofit and digitalize existing ships is also very important.

Come and discover the world of future-proof maritime solutions from Phoenix Contact.

Solutions for cloud-based fleet management

 Cloud-based fleet management  

Cloud-based fleet management

Phoenix Contact has already developed solutions with partner company M.A.C. System Solutions helping to increase the efficiency and digitalization of ships. This is enabling us to meet the requirements of ship operators to make sensible use of the data and information collected on the ship, increase energy efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, and thus the emissions.

Solutions for smart ship engineering with Modular Type Packaging

Modular Type Packaging  

Smart ship engineering with Modular Type Packaging

In the ship construction sector, shipyards and suppliers will also expect more flexible and smarter engineering. Phoenix Contact is part of a work group working with VDMA and leading suppliers in the shipping sector to develop a standardization process for the integration of modular type packaging models in the shipping industry.

Module Type Packaging (MTP) describes the standardized communication between partial systems on the ship and the control level, thus reducing the complexity for all participants along the ship building value chain. In many of the areas, the mechanical modularization that has been implemented can also be transferred to the automation system. Users within the ship building supply chain thus benefit from speed advantages in engineering and quality improvements during the integration of partial systems.

PLCnext Technology app “NMEA Data Collector” now available in the PLCnext Store

PLCnext Store  

Smart solutions with apps from PLCnext Store

Ship-specific NMEA 0183 data protocols can be implemented without any engineering or programming work using the PLCnext technology app “NMEA Data Collector”.

With the “NMEA Data Collector” app available in the PLCnext Store, Phoenix Contact is offering you a digital innovation to ensure the design of ship construction and navigation is more intelligent, digital, and efficient.

Implement a simple solution to meet your data recording requirements and make it easier to setup your ship systems. Save money and time by implementing ship-specific NMEA 0183 data protocols without any engineering or programming work.

The NMEA Data Collector from Phoenix Contact has been specially developed for the maritime industry. Connect your own proprietary systems to the travel data recorder in order to backup the required system data.

The app collects signals from NMEA-capable systems and processes these as NMEA 0183 for the Voyage Data Recorder. It has been designed as a modular solution. Collate the quantity and type of signals (digital or analog) that you require for your specific application.

Simply integrate NMEA 0183 in your system and then download the NMEA Data Collector.

Your advantages

  • Quick startup thanks to intelligent web visualization
  • Simple parameterization, no engineering or programming work required
  • Individual integration of any digital and analog signals
  • Automatic processing of your system data via the NMEA 0183 protocol
  • Customized solution for the maritime industry


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