Surge protection

Surge protection

Safety for your devices and systems

Your systems remain operational for longer with our surge protection.

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    From the generation of surge voltages through to a comprehensive protection concept.

  • Areas of application
    Areas of application

    Protect your home against lightning strikes and surge voltages.

  • Pulse and high-current laboratory
    Pulse and high-current laboratory

    Phoenix Contact operates a modern, high-performance, accredited laboratory which is specially designed for testing surge protective devices.

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    Safety takes priority: Phoenix Contact offers advanced solutions for surge protection.

  • Standards and directives
    Standards and directives

    Safety takes priority: Phoenix Contact offers advanced solutions for surge protection.

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    With our products, you can significantly increase the safety and therefore the operational readiness of your systems. And our support services don't end there.

Phoenix Contact is a pioneer in the development of surge protective devices. Decades of experience together with intensive fundamental research in cooperation with universities and technical colleges lay the foundations for the technical expertise required during the development of surge protective devices.

Our in-house, accredited pulse and high-current laboratory allows us to develop our products safely and in line with standards from the initial idea right through to series production.

An innovation example: Development of the spark gap

Spark gaps are the powerful components inside surge protective devices. They are able to safely discharge very high currents. Development ranged from open, free-blowing to encapsulated spark gaps. But there was still one problem. The high line follow current.

In 2015, Phoenix Contact brought the first spark gap onto the market that works so perfectly that no more line follow currents occur. This new spark gap is extremely powerful and, due to the fact that there is no line follow current, is also the most durable spark gap there is.

The spark gap as the power pack for the new lightning current arresters

The unique spark gap enables the development of compact and high-performance protective devices.

Your advantages:

  • Long service life of the protective devices and the electric installation thanks to a spark gap free line-follow current
  • Space-saving installation with the compact design
  • Easy replacement in the event of servicing with protective devices which all feature a pluggable design
  • Operators are kept informed of the status of the protective device at all times with the optical, mechanical status indicator
  • No mismatching of connectors with mechanical coding


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