SKEDD direct plug-in technology

SKEDD is an innovative mounting technology for connecting PCB connectors directly to the PCB via through-contacted bore holes. Mounting is tool-free and an additional header is not required. Body-bound rivets on the side of the connector ensure a reliable and vibration-resistant connection.

Your advantages

  • Adaptive PCB layouts: function extensions without additional component and storage costs
  • Direct mounting: simple insertion by hand and vibration-resistant connection
  • Intuitive operation, thanks to color-coded push buttons


SKEDD direct plug-in technology  

SKEDD direct plug-in technology

SKEDD direct plug-in technology combines the advantages of two established mounting technologies – press-in technology and direct plug-in connection. Thanks to the high mounting force, a gas-tight connection is established between the contacts and PCB in the case of press-in technology. However, this mounting type is not suitable for reversible connections.

In contrast, direct plug-in connection requires contact pads on both sides of the PCB and is therefore only used for board-to-board or wire-to-board connections on the edges of the PCB. Innovative SKEDD direct plug-in technology now enables reversible connections that can be easily plugged in and ensure long-term stability while providing maximum flexibility for the PCB layout.

SKEDD contacts

SKEDD direct plug-in technology  

SKEDD ensures a safe electrical connection

SKEDD contacts from Phoenix Contact consist of two pairs of legs that adapt to the diameter of the through-contacted PCB holes when inserted. This increased stability of the contact ensures a very stable connection between the connector and PCB, even in the event of mechanical strain such as vibrations.

The normal contact force of the direct connectors is designed in such a way that a safe electrical connection is ensured yet the connector can still be disconnected from the PCB during maintenance.

Qualifications and approvals

Tested safety with SKEDD  

Tested safety for the most stringent requirements

SKEDD direct connectors from Phoenix Contact are based on licensed technology from Würth Elektronik. Like the entire PCB connector range, the direct connectors are certified in accordance with standard DIN EN 61984 and therefore undergo the following tests, for example:

  • Environmental tests (corrosion test with flowing mixed gas, temperature change, etc.)
  • Shock and vibration tests
  • Electrical conductance and contact resistance tests

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All PCB connections with SKEDD direct plug-in technology can be found via the link below.


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