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First-rate visualization: with SCADA technology

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) refers to computer-aided monitoring and control of technical processes. The visualization interface is the interface for interactions between human and machine.

Visualizations with SCADA functions impress with their scalability and versatility. They are used wherever complex machines, systems or automated processes need to be operated and monitored.

Thanks to the central monitoring of a system, e.g., on a PC or other HMI (human-machine interface) devices, previously used indicators such as switches or signaling devices can be eliminated.

Your advantage: common standards for data formats or communication are supported by SCADA.

What SCADA offers

Unlimited possibilities with SCADA visualizations  

Unlimited possibilities with SCADA visualizations

Unique to SCADA visualization software: the wide range of functions.

  • Operation and monitoring of systems and machines
  • Trending: e.g., for plotting curves with measured data
  • Alarming: monitoring process values for permissible and impermissible states, including user notification
  • Data logging: recording data in a database for later analysis or graphical representation
  • User management: assignment and restriction of user rights
  • Reporting: analysis of collected data and representation of data in the form of a report


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