Multifunctional safety relays

Multifunctional safety relays

One safety relay, three safety functions

The multifunctional safety relay provides three functions in just one device.

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With the PSRmultifunction device range, you can realize simple safety functions such as emergency stop, safety door and light grid monitoring particularly easy – with just one device. In total there are four function versions available, each with three connection methods.

Your advantages

  • Your cost advantage compared to classic safety relays: Three safety functions in a single device
  • Space saving in the control cabinet, thanks to the compact housing
  • Proven safety, thanks to force-guided relay contacts
  • Short installation time, thanks to the push-in connection
  • Compatible with a broad range of sensors

Multifunctional safety relay

PSRmultifunction multifunctional safety relay  

Four PSRmultifunction device versions available with three connection technologies

Three safety functions in just one safety relay. Safety functions already integrated into the device reduce potential wiring errors.

  • Overall width 22.5 mm
  • No software configuration required
  • TÜV-certified
  • PLe in accordance with ISO 13849 and SILCL 3 in accordance with IEC 62061
  • Screw, spring-cage, or Push-in connection
  • Compatible connections with the CONTACTRON hybrid motor starter

The multifunctional safety relays save space

PSRmultifunction at a glance  

Use of three different safety functions

The PSRmultifunction safety relays have three sensor circuits which can each be connected via one or two channels:

  • A higher-level sensor circuit S0
  • Two local sensor circuits S1 and S2

The local sensor circuits S1 and S2 each provide a standard function such as a safety door or a light grid. When a fault occurs, both sensor circuits can be reactivated separately.

The higher-level sensor circuit S0 monitors both local sensor circuits. If it is triggered, the safety circuits protected by S1 and S2 are switched off.


Typical PSRmultifunction applications

Use in smaller machine units  

Multifunctional safety relays, suitable for small machines

The multifunctional safety relays are ideal for use with small machines with up to three safety functions. Possible fields of application include:

  • Food processing machinery
  • Packaging machines
  • Assembly handling machinery



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