Isolated signal circuits

Isolated signal circuits

The narrowest surge protection

TERMITRAB complete protects isolated signal circuits starting from an overall width of 3.5 mm.

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Isolated signal circuits are used with analog signals and current loops. This type of isolated arrangement is employed quite often in measurement and control technology. For that reason, you should incorporate these signals into a surge protection concept. The new, ultra-narrow TERMITRAB complete surge protective devices provide your signals with optimum protection starting from an overall width of just 3.5 mm.


Your advantages

  • The world’s narrowest surge protection from an overall width of just 3.5 mm
  • Versatile use: designs and connection technology adapted to the application
  • Easy testing with pluggable surge protective devices
  • Worldwide use in potentially explosive areas with ATEX and IECEx approvals
  • Space-saving installation with the narrowest protective devices

Isolated signal circuits

TERMITRAB complete pluggable surge protection  

TERMITRAB complete pluggable surge protection

Analog measured variables such as speed, pressure, flow, etc. are recorded by sensors and converted into current or voltage values by measuring transducers. They are transmitted to the controller or the isolator module within a standardized value range. The “1x2 circuit” is typically used for this type of analog transmission method.

Transient coupled-in overvoltages can cause damage both on the field device and centrally. Both of these end points therefore require surge protection.


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