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Details on the advantages of highly compact signal conditioners with pluggable connection technology

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Side view of the modules in the control cabinet  

All connection and operating elements are accessible from the front

Thanks to the design with front orientation, all terminal points are easily visible and accessible at all times. This not only saves time but also space above and below the devices.

Even in a confined space the conductors can be fed in any order, regardless of whether you start wiring from the input, output or supply side.

The choice is yours: wiring with screw connection or fast and tool-free push-in technology

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Easy installation and startup

Plug-in connection terminal blocks, disconnect function, current signal measurement, and DIN rail connector

Installation and startup is incredibly easy:

1. Easy installation

The FASTCON Pro connection terminal blocks can even be inserted and removed from the device topology independently of one another. The robust direct insertion guarantees consistently high quality even after frequent use.

2. Easy startup and servicing

Interrupt signal and supply circuits during servicing and startup by setting the FASTCON Pro connection terminal blocks to the disconnect position. Your wiring remains

3. Measure current signals during operation

Measure current signals during operation and integrate your current measuring device into the signal circuit without making it necessary to disconnect. With just a single measurement, you can record the entire current loop from the sensor to the controller.

4. Rapid power bridging and group error indication

Easy energy bridging with the DIN rail connector simplifies wiring,
system extension or module replacement during operation. Also benefit from group error indication in multi-channel applications.

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Configuration via DIP switches, software, and smartphone  

Marking and status indicators for easy maintenance

Large-surface marking areas allow full loop identification with standard marking material despite the compact design. All status and error indicators are always clearly visible and provide you with an instant overview on site.

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Numerous parameterization options

Many of the MINI Analog Pro signal conditioner device types can be configured for optimum adaptation to your application.

Choose between various configuration methods:

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Detail view of the MINI Analog Pro module with DIP switches  

DIP switches for easy standard configuration

Easy standard configuration without additional adjustment

You can easily set the standard functions via the DIP switches and without using any software. Here, the calibrated measuring range switchover guarantees a consistent level of accuracy without additional adjustment.

Standalone software screenshot  

Standalone software for extended configuration and monitoring via PC

Extended configuration and monitoring via PC

For extended functionality and monitoring, you can configure the multifunctional modules conveniently on your PC using one of the free software solutions available for download:

  • ANALOG-CONF stand-alone software
  • FDT/DTM software package
  • Stand-alone DTMs, allowing you to use your existing FDT frame application
Wireless communication via NFC  

Independent on-site communication via NFC

Independent information and configuration on site

All MINI Analog Pro modules are equipped with an NFC interface for wireless communication with your Android smartphone. You benefit from the numerous functions of the MINI Analog Pro app completely without accessories and can configure the module directly on site, for example, in the event of servicing.

Operator with tablet and MINI Analog Pro app in front of the control cabinet  

Smart configuration and monitoring with the MINI Analog Pro app

Smart configuration and monitoring with the MINI Analog Pro app

Download the free MINI Analog Pro app to your smartphone or tablet and, depending on the mobile end device and product type, the application offers different functions:

  • Call module information
  • Call DIP switch setting help
  • Configuration of the multi-functional modules
    - via NFC with your Android device, completely without additional accessories
    - via Bluetooth with your Android or iOS device and the Bluetooth adapter
  • Monitoring process data of the multi-functional modules
    - via Bluetooth with your Android or iOS device and the Bluetooth adapter

Best signal quality, thanks to the latest circuit technology

MINI Analog Pro PCB  

MINI Analog Pro is equipped with the latest switching technology

Maximum electrical isolation

The latest transmission technology and safe electrical
isolation between input, output, and supply
with 3 kV test voltage: MINI Analog Pro offers you
unrivalled disconnection quality in the 6 mm class.

Flexible supply

The extended supply voltage range
of 9.6 … 30 V DC ensures high availability
and enables flexible use, for example, in
12 V applications.

High contact quality

The connection terminal blocks make contact by means of robust
direct insertion. There are no metal pins that
can be damaged.

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Hot, cold? Not a problem for MINI Analog Pro

MINI Analog Pro cold test  

MINI Analog Pro signal conditioners are safe and reliable even at -40°C

The wide operating temperature range of -40 °C ... +70 °C enables its use even under extreme ambient conditions.

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Quality from a single source – Made in Germany

MINI Analog Pro production line  

Modern production processes ensure high quality and short delivery times

It is only when you keep sight of every little detail that you can be sure of the quality. This is why we develop and produce everything ourselves for MINI Analog Pro. We produce high-quality “Made in Germany” signal conditioners at our own plastic, metal, and SMD production facilities.

Another advantage for you: short delivery times, even for large quantities

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