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Fast and error-free signal connection with the termination carriers for MINI Analog Pro

Fast and error-free signal connection

Termination Carriers with MINI Analog signal conditioners  

Termination Carriers with standard DIN rail devices

The compact Termination Carriers combine the advantages of modular DIN rail devices with those of the system cabling.

Select the appropriate function for signal conditioning from a wide range of standard product types.

Connect the modules quickly and without any errors with the controller-specific I/O components via pre-assembled system cabling – Plug and Play.

Compact – for maximum packing density

80 x 200 cm control cabinet fitted with MINI Analog Termination Carriers  

Up to 320 channels in an 80 x 200 cm control cabinet

When used in combination with the highly compact MINI Analog Pro signal conditioners, the Termination Carrier offers unique packing density in the control cabinet.

Save up to 65% of the space required compared to other solutions on the market:

  • Compact type: with a height of 160 mm and a depth of around 175 mm including snapped-on modules.
  • Space-saving arrangement of system connections: the radius of the system cables does not protrude beyond the modules.
  • DIN rail bracket with integrated end bracket, enabling several Termination Carriers to be mounted side by side.

With the Termination Carrier and MINI Analog Pro, you can install up to 320 channels in an 80 x 200 cm control cabinet.

Robust – for high system availability

Representation of the modular power concept  

Modular power concept for high availability

The Termination Carrier is particularly robust:

  • Stable vibration-resistant aluminum profile
  • Integrated DIN rail contour, enabling modules to be fixed securely
  • PCB protected in the profile – mechanically decoupled

Modular power concept

The signal conditioners are connected to a separate power module via integrated DIN rail connectors. As such, the PCB is terminated in a passive manner – it does not contain any active components whose failure would require the Termination Carrier to be replaced.

The modular power concept offers:

  • Single or diode-decoupled redundant supply, as required
  • Replaceable fuses

Easy maintenance – for simplified documentation and startup

Termination Carrier with integrated DIN rail contour  

Termination Carrier with integrated DIN rail contour for accommodating standard DIN rail devices

Only standard DIN rail devices are used on the Termination Carrier; special devices are not required.

This makes the Termination Carrier particularly easy to maintain:

  • Only one engineering design for standard DIN rails and system applications
  • Quick and safe connection to the Termination Carrier PCB with plug-in and coded cable sets
  • Controller-side connection to the front adapter via pre-assembled system cables
  • Easy-access system connections and module connection terminal blocks
  • Module replacement during operation – hot swap-capable

Flexible – for optimum adaptation

Profile sections without pitch markings  

Profile sections without pitch markings for controller-specific number of channels

In addition to the universal Termination Carriers with 1:1 pinning and optional HART signal decoupling, other control-system-specific versions are available, are being planned or can be implemented by us according to your specifications.

Please contact us for more information:

  • Profile sections without pitch markings for controller-specific number of I/Os
  • Can be specifically and optimally adapted for I/O cards of various automation systems with different system plugs and front adapters.

Professional system cabling

System cables connect the Termination Carrier to the controller  

Fast connection to controller-specific I/O cards

The universal Termination Carriers can be used to connect up to 16 MINI Analog Pro signal conditioners to the input and output cards of automation systems.

Connect the Termination Carriers to your controller using pre-assembled VARIOFACE system cabling – quickly and without errors.

The cables have high-position numbers of channels and both standardized and controller-specific connections, e.g., for:

  • ABB
  • Emerson
  • Honeywell
  • Invensys
  • Siemens
  • Yokogawa
  • Further individual solutions


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