High-current terminal blocks

High-current terminal blocks

Power wiring made easy

Wire large conductor cross sections up to 185 mm² easily, safely, and quickly

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The PTPOWER high-current spring-cage terminal blocks with Power-Turn connection technology offer the fastest and most user-friendly connection option for wiring large conductors. Contact conductors up to 185 mm² and 1500 V IEC / 1000 V UL by simply swiveling the operating lever.

Your advantages

  • Easy connection, thanks to Power-Turn technology
  • Easy voltage pick-off, thanks to optional snap-on terminal blocks
  • Easy potential distribution, thanks to plug-in or insertion bridges
  • Continuous marking and test options
  • Flexible mounting, thanks to DIN rail or direct mounting versions
  • Reduced mounting and logistics costs, thanks to pre-assembled terminal block bases
  • Reduction in logistics costs, thanks to the uniform CLIPLINE complete system accessories

Power-Turn connection technology

Power-Turn connection technology  

Power-Turn connection technology

The patented Power-Turn spring connection technology enables large conductors to be connected quickly and easily using a standard screwdriver and a single lever movement.
Up to three high-quality spring steel pressure springs work with the prismatic terminal body base to create a vibration-resistant conductor connection that is stable in the long term.


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PTPOWER high-current terminal blocks

For wiring large conductors.