High-current terminal blocks

High-current terminal blocks


Wire large conductor cross sections up to 240 mm² easily, safely, and fast.

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Whatever you desire: the large cross section, highest contact forces, the bridgeability, and the flexible mounting options make the high-current terminal blocks the most universal in power wiring.

Your advantages

  • Easy to operate and use thanks to proven screw connection
  • Maintenance-free, thanks to spring-loaded terminal block elements
  • Easy voltage fitting, thanks to optional retrofittable terminal blocks
  • Easy potential distribution, thanks to screw or insertion bridges
  • Continuous marking and test options
  • Flexible mounting, thanks to DIN rail or direct mounting versions
  • Reduced mounting and logistics costs, thanks to pre-assembled terminal block bases

High current potential distributor

Easy potential distribution  

Easy potential distribution

With a 1500 V nominal voltage, the compact UKH 70/4X10 high-current terminal blocks are ideally suited for use in regenerative energy generation – specifically in photovoltaics. Four integrated pick-off terminal blocks with a 10 mm² cross section provide you with a simple power supply or potential distribution. Potential distributor blocks are implemented with screw bridges.

High-current connectors

Combined with bolt connection technology  

Combined with bolt connection technology

The UHV high-current connectors are available up to 240 mm² and offer a combination of direct screw connection, e.g., for internal wiring, and the ring cable lug bolt connection for external control cabinet wiring.


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