Converters and isolators

Converters and isolators

Increase network quality

using high-quality isolation and flexible device integration

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  • Field device couplers
    Field device couplers

    Field device couplers provide you with the option of extending your fieldbus in the field to suit your needs.

  • Interface converters
    Interface converters

    Copper-based converters are used to combine different serial interfaces.

  • Media converters
    Media converters

    Media converters enable you to convert your copper-based interfaces to interference-free fiber optics.

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Converters from Phoenix Contact enable you to convert different serial interfaces to other standards in a protocol-transparent way. Gateways, on the other hand, combine different protocols with each other. Signal conditioners protect your end devices from hazardous compensating currents. This ensures that you are always connected and protected. A comprehensive package of approvals and the enhanced temperature range underscore the level of quality that these products provide, and allow them to be used in a wide range of industries.

Your advantages

  • Adapt, connect, disconnect and protect interfaces
  • Avoid compensating currents thanks to high-quality electrical isolation between segments


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