Cable routing system

Cable routing system

Cable and conductor routing

The cable routing system enables optimum installation of the cables for the operator panels in the control cabinet door.

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The swivel arm of the cable routing system makes it particularly easy and safe to install your conductors, cables, and cable harnesses for the control cabinet door or swivel mounting frame. This solution is time-saving, as the patent-pending swivel joints can be opened and pre-assembled cables can be fed through or pulled through without using any tools. Up to 100 x 1.5 mm2 conductors are routed using a single CGS routing system for the control cabinet door.

Your advantages

  • Install pre-assembled conductors, cables, and cable harnesses easily, thanks to innovative swivel joints
  • Subsequent wiring is quick and easy, thanks to swivel joint openings that can be operated without tools
  • Cable routing for the control cabinet door can be planned in the CAD system, thanks to the defined installation space and swivel range
  • Easy planning and production of cable harnesses, thanks to the pre-defined cable length
  • Quick and easy mounting, thanks to integrated flanges with strain relief
  • Mechanical cable protection and bundling, thanks to protective covers that can be attached without tools
  • High-grade elastic and mechanically resilient plastic, certified according to UL94 for flammability rating V0

Easy cable routing of pre-assembled data cables

Optimum and safe cable routing  

Optimum and safe cable routing

Energy chains and drag chains usually require compatible cables and lines. Standard cables are not designed to withstand the high load caused by movement and bending radii.

The cable routing system has been designed for use with standard cables. This is made possible by using large bending radii and defined movements. The CGS was assembled with 100 x 1.5 mm2 cables (H05Z-K) as well as data cables (Cat. 5 Ethernet cables) and opened and closed 2000 times. There was no damage found on the wires.

Safe cable routing for test disconnect sockets

Safe conductor routing for the FAME test disconnect system in the control cabinet door  

Safe conductor routing for the FAME test disconnect system in the control cabinet door.

For control and operating purposes, protective devices and control devices should be accessible from the outside and are therefore mounted in the door. This is why some devices, plus test disconnect sockets like FAME, are mounted in the control cabinet door in protection and control technology applications.

This additionally saves space in the control cabinet. These components can now be wired in an even easier and more flexible way with the CGS cable routing system from Phoenix Contact.


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