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Transmit data to the controller and check information quickly at production level.

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Implement your CC-Link network with Phoenix Contact. We offer a comprehensive range of products with a high degree of protection, whether for assembly or molded M12 connectors with cable.

Your advantages

  • Everything from a single source – comprehensive product range for cabling in the field
  • Easy assembly: connection without special tools
  • Versatile industrial use, as products can be combined with those of other manufacturers
  • High degree of flexibility, thanks to customer-specific adaptations to our products

CC-Link technology

CC-Link topology  

CC-Link topology

Whether for automated production systems or logistics systems: implement your industrial CC-Link network using connectors and cables from Phoenix Contact.

CC-Link (Control and Communication Link) is the high-speed network for control and information data. With a transmission speed of 10 Mbps, CC-Link has a maximum range of 1,200 m with up to 64 devices.

Benefit from the advantages of the CC-Link system:

  • Use at production level
  • Point-to-point connection with branch lines
  • Transmission speed of up to 10 Mbps

CC-Link IE technology

CC-Link IE application connector  

CC-Link IE application connector

In addition to simple I/O signals, many applications require transmission of large amounts of data, such as images from industrial cameras. In order to enhance process quality, HD images are increasingly being sent as a way to ensure more detailed precision, even in high-speed processes.

For that reason, as opposed to the classical CC-Link, the modern CC-Link is based on Industrial Ethernet technology. In addition to global acceptance and universal usability with a wide range of topologies such as star, tree, and line topologies, the number of devices on offer for the Industrial Ethernet of all bus systems and networks is the largest anywhere.

X-coding is planned as part of the M12 interface for gigabit data transmission. With paired shielding extending into the pin connector pattern, speeds of up to 10 Gbps are possible, depending on the cabling used.


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