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SC-RJ female insert - VS-SCRJ-GOF-BU/BU - 1652978

SC-RJ socket insert, duplex, for VS-A-F-IP67 panel mounting frame, can be used for fiberglass (multi-mode and single mode), PCF, and polymer fibers

Fiber optic coupling - VS-SCRJ-GOF-KU - 1654358

SC-RJ coupling insert, duplex, for VS-PP-19-1HE-16-F patch panel, VS-TO...F... terminal outlets, and VS-SI-FP-2F front plate, can be used for GOF (multi-mode and single mode), HCS, and polymer fiber types

Panel mounting frames - VS-V1-F-2XSCRJ-MNNA-PG9-C-S-B1 - 1404681

SC-RJ panel mounting frame, IP67, for bayonet locking, metal, with coupling for single mode, SC-RJ to SC-RJ, for round mounting cutout, with seal, without mounting screws

Fiber optic coupling - FOC-V06-D1PGY-S/SJBE4 - 1410050

SC-RJ coupling, IP65/67, duplex, can be used for GOF (multi-mode and single-mode), PCF, and polymer fiber types

Fiber optic coupling - VS-PPC-J-1-SCRJ-MNBK - 1405206

SC-RJ push-pull coupling, IP67, metal, with protective cover, color: nickel-plated

Coupling - VS-MP-PPC/CG-FO - 1404319

Multi-port data connection: push/pull SC-RJ, for passive PROFINET cabling to robots, including mounting foot.

Coupling - VS-MP-PPC/CG-PO/FO - 1404321

Multi-port power and data connection: push/pull power and SC-RJ, for passive PROFINET cabling to robots, including mounting foot.

7 Results


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