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DIN rail bus connectors - PSR-TBUS-TP - 2981716

Blind plug for the PSR-TBUS DIN rail connector used with the modular safety relay system (PSR-SDC4)

DIN rail bus connectors - PSR-TBUS - 2890425

DIN rail connector for safety switching devices, for supplying/controlling/monitoring (depending on the module)

Short-circuit connector - SAC-2P-M12MS ASI TR - 1539570

Short-circuit plug, for bridging unused slots on PSR-SACB sensor box for safety limit switch

Zack marker strip - ZBN 18:UNBEDRUCKT - 2809128

Zack marker strip, Strip, white, unlabeled, can be labeled with: CMS-P1-PLOTTER, PLOTMARK, mounting type: snap into tall marker groove, for terminal block width: 18 mm, lettering field size: 18 x 5 mm, Number of individual labels: 5

Y distributor - IB L2-M ADAP 1/1 M12 - 2819163

Y plug, for connecting a Loop 2 S Line module with the Loop 2 (M12)

6 Results


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