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Base element - CB S-BE - 2905067

Solder base element for PCB mounting for accommodating CB TM... or CB E... device circuit breakers

Jumper - CB PT BRIDGE - 2801014

Bridge plug for bridging contacts 1 to 2 for CB base elements

Jumper - CB RC BRIDGE - 2801616

Bridge plug for bridging contacts 11 to 14 for CB base elements

Box mounting base - TMCP SOCKET M - 0916589

Modular socket element, 2-position, for holding two circuit breakers, each with a single position

End cover - TMCP CONNECT LR - 0916592

End cover, width: 6 mm, Color: black

Jumper - TMCP SB - 0916602

Signal bridge, pluggable, for bridging group signaling when there is a free slot on the TMCP SOCKET M socket

Metal part - SPRING-LOCK - 0713009

Spring lock, for mechanical locking in the case of overhead mounting, 1-pos.

Continuous plug-in bridge - FBST 21-PLC GY - 0901015

Continuous plug-in bridge, length: 21 mm, width: 11.3 mm, color: gray

Continuous plug-in bridge - FBST 500 TMC-N GY - 0901028

Continuous plug-in bridge, mounting type: Plug-in mounting, Color: gray

17 Results


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