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SafetyBridge Technology application possibilities

SafetyBridge Technology – One technology, many possibilities

Transmit safe data easily: via wireless systems or directly to the cloud, without the need for a safety controller.

SafetyBridge (Axioline F/Inline) key visual

Your advantages

  • Maximum availability, as process and safety data can be accessed anytime, anywhere
  • Increased productivity with the holistic consideration of data, resources, and machines
  • Minimized malfunctions and downtimes with predictive maintenance

What is SafetyBridge Technology?

Realize decentral safety solutions with SafetyBridge Technology. No safety controller whatsoever is required and it does not depend on the network used. The technology is integrated into the Inline and Axioline F I/O systems and is compatible with all bus couplers of the systems. The safe I/Os are installed with the standard I/Os distributed within the equipment.

Safety without a safety controller – SafetyBridge Technology

SafetyBridge Technology – safety without a safety controller

How does SafetyBridge Technology work?

The system consists of safe input and output modules and a logic module. The latter captures and issues safe signals. The logic module generates and monitors the safety-related SafetyBridge transmission protocol and processes the logic operations of the configured safety logic. The logic module therefore assumes the task of a safety controller. Programming is via the SAFECONF software.

Cloud-based safety solutions for greater efficiency

Safety in the Proficloud  

Safety in the Proficloud

Safeguard your competitive edge in a digital world. With the PROFINET-based cloud solution from Phoenix Contact, you can now also transmit safety-relevant data via the Internet to the cloud.

The ability to access safety data via the Internet in real time and to convert this into meaningful information unlocks enormous potential for you as a system operator or machine manufacturer. You can improve your operational sequences, for example by analyzing user behavior. Or, you can optimize the machine design in respect of ergonomics. Furthermore, the real-time data analysis enables predictive maintenance, ensuring that the service life of your machines can be increased through the timely replacement of components susceptible to wear, such as relays.

Wireless transmission of safe data

Transmitting safe data via Bluetooth or WLAN  

Transmitting safe data via wireless systems

SafetyBridge Technology enables the wireless transmission of all safety-related data signals. You can choose between the two wireless technologies Bluetooth and WLAN. Cable and slip ring transmission systems can thus be replaced with wireless paths, without altering the safety characteristics of the safety application.

The combination of safety and wireless has many advantages. This solution can be easily integrated into existing automation networks, and saves on the costs of a decentral or mobile machinery structure. Furthermore, safety signals can be transmitted reliably over large distances.

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  • SafetyBridge Technology application possibilities


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