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Ground-mounted systems

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Equip your ground-mounted system with reliable and durable solutions from Phoenix Contact.

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  • String combiner
    String combiner

    String combiner boxes are complete solutions for collecting and distributing string currents, protecting modules, and monitoring system performance.

  • Data loggers
    Park management: Automation and controlling

    Improve the efficiency and yield of your photovoltaic system with components and solutions for automation and networking.

  • Acquisition of meteorological data
    Park Management: Automation and visualization

    Improve the energy efficiency of your ground-mounted system by continuously monitoring meteorological data.

  • Inverter communication
    Ready-to-use function blocks

    Ready-made function blocks support simple startup of inverters or energy measuring devices.

  • Visualization in the portal
    Park management: SCADA and portal connectivity

    System solutions allow you to acquire and evaluate data from your photovoltaics park.

  • Feed-in management
    Feed-in management

    Hardware and software from Phoenix Contact keeps engineering effort to a minimum when it comes to feed-in control for stable power grids.

  • Tracking
    Tracking systems

    Use hybrid motor starters and automation components from Phoenix Contact to reliably manage sun tracking systems.

  • Connection technology
    Connection technology

    Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of cabling solutions – from the photovoltaic panel to the string combiner box right through to the inverter.

Photovoltaics make a major contribution toward meeting the continually rising energy requirements. Interest in building increasingly larger and more powerful ground-mounted photovoltaic systems is on the increase worldwide. Networking, monitoring, and communication are indispensable in this regard, particularly in relation to constant network quality and maintenance in line with requirements.

At the same time, for larger systems, the aim is easy and fast connection technology. Discover the advantages of Phoenix Contact solutions for yourself.

Park management

Park management  

Phoenix Contact offers reliable solutions for the efficient operation of ground-mounted systems


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Park management

Advantages of our integrated PV park management solution

Secure park management

Video surveillance and network technology for PV systems

Flexible PGS controller

Contributing to the stability of our power grids.

Solar park management

The world’s first PV park management system based on industry standards.

PV park management
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