Monitoring and protection

Monitoring and protection

Protection against overvoltages

Solutions from Phoenix Contact ensure the maximum degree of safety for your system.

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String combiner boxes need to be used in order to provide optimum protection for the various parts of rooftop systems against lightning strikes and overvoltages. Phoenix Contact offers an extensive portfolio of various ready-to-install, directly connectable string combiner boxes for your rooftop systems.

Your advantages

  • All sets in dust- and water-jet-proof housings (IP65)
  • Fast installation thanks to the pre-assembly of the photovoltaic sets
  • Large portfolio of SCBs in stock
  • Creation of customer-specific solutions at short notice
  • Maintenance-free connection of PV strings with SUNCLIX or Push-in connection technology
  • Fast installation and startup
  • Standard-compliant switchgear and controlgear assembly thanks to the use of DIN EN 61439

Protection against overvoltages

Surge protection for PV rooftop systems  

Pre-assembled PV sets reliably protect rooftop systems

With its pre-assembled sets, Phoenix Contact offers reliable system solutions that protect the inverter directly upstream of the DC and AC voltage inputs.

Surge voltage couplings are discharged directly to the ground potential. Due to our coordinated scope of supply, new versions can be made available very quickly.


To connect the PV strings, the string combiner boxes are equipped with either our SUNCLIX panel feed-throughs or with cable glands on Push-in terminal blocks. SUNCLIX connectors from Phoenix Contact and Push-in terminal blocks combine the advantages of easy installation with reliable and maintenance-free connection.

Disconnection and isolation

We offer a fire service emergency shutdown or switch disconnector as well as surge protection in a single device. An emergency stop switch can be used to disconnect the photovoltaic system remotely, thus providing maximum possible safety in the event of maintenance or danger.


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Surge protection and PV accessories

SCBs for the connection and protection of PV systems