Safety on board

Rely on certified solutions from Phoenix Contact for use above and below deck.

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  • Bridges

    Phoenix Contact offers tailor-made solutions for the ship's bridge, from the redundant control solution to maritime operation and monitoring devices.

  • Fleet management
    Fleet management

    Reporting of online data is constantly increasing.

  • Engine room
    Engine room

    Phoenix Contact ensures the high-availability and efficient operation of motors and drives through the use of redundant systems.

  • Cargo hold
    Cargo hold

    Phoenix Contact offers solutions for the cargo hold – from controlling lighting systems and the hydraulics to tank and ballast water management.

  • Locks

    Signal lights and automation technology from Phoenix Contact ensure safe and inexpensive lock operation.

Whether cargo ships, cruise liners, special purpose vessels, yachts or ferries: Phoenix Contact supplies tailor-made solutions based on a comprehensive range of products.

From bunker monitoring, waste incineration, and water treatment to power measurement at the drive shaft, our systems ensure smooth control and data transmission in all areas of application. Whether wired or wireless: we offer high-performance and reliable solutions even for harsh conditions, which are tested and verified in accordance with all the relevant marine approvals.

Overview: ships

Overview: ships

Failsafe control and monitoring solutions for reliable operation of the vessel.


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