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Maximize your fleet efficiency

Get enhanced insights into your operations for effective fleet management.

Reporting of online data is constantly increasing to reach the highest possible fleet efficiency and to meet international regulations. Together with our partner M.A.C. System Solutions we offer a solution to facilitate collaboration between ship and shore by continuous online monitoring.

You gain full insight into your fleet performance with one click. As a result your energy efficiency as well as your fuel consumption will be improved and emissions will be reduced.

Your benefits

  • Be MRV and IMO DCS ready with our basic system to meet port emission regulations
  • Low installation cost by easy implementation for quick start-up
  • Worldwide fleet performance at a glance for increased transparency of your operations
  • Easy integration of the system since no welding is necessary
  • Save cost and time by remote trouble shooting

Know your ship

Access container ship data via tablet  

Access the vessel‘s information at any time

Access the vessel‘s information wherever it is in the world. Selected data is periodically synchronized to secure and reliable onshore servers to reduce data usage.

Your shore-based personnel can access the full fleet performance data in a structured and well organized way with consistent data from any web-connected device.

Manage your investments

engine room  

Complete performance analysis for improving your vessel‘s efficiency

Fit your ship with easy to implement standard components for improving your vessel‘s efficiency. Create the baseline with solutions like charter-party compliance, noon reporting and MRV reporting.

Based on your needs and for a maximum return on investment, you can extend the ship with additional components at any time. You will be provided with a full performance analysis to further optimize your vessel.

Maximize your performance

Computer shows fleet-wide overview  

Identifying issues early

Benefit from expanded insight by visualizing data in a fleet-wide overview. Key performance indicators are tracked, and as a result fuel consumption and emissions will be reduced.

Boost your performance by identifying issues early using predictive maintenance and performing diagnostics remotely.

Future-proof solution for your fleet

Requiring only a few data collector units, the online system is able to collect all essential sensor data. The data collector setup is designed for easy installation and low maintenance.

Fuel oil consumption, shaft power, trim / list and certain nautical data points are collected frequently. 15 minutes average values will be logged and transmitted via a cloud-based system to shore. The collected data can be viewed by both office and vessel. For further analysis, an open interface to third party systems is available.

Cloud-based solution for effective fleet management  

Cloud-based solution for effective fleet management


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