Advanced Shielding Technology

Advanced Shielding Technology

Seamless and totally protected

Invest in reliable and future-proof data, signal and power transmission.

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    Pre- and metal molding implemented during the automated production process of connectors with Advanced Shielding Technology improve the shielding performance.

  • Areas of application

    Absolutely secure shielding of M8 and M12 connectors using the unique shielding concept – Advanced Shielding Technology from Phoenix Contact.

Advanced Shielding Technology from Phoenix Contact is an innovative shielding concept for sensor/actuator cabling. The comprehensive, positive 360° shield connection is unique on the market and optimizes the current design of M8 and M12 connectors.

Your advantages

  • Reliable at high mechanical loads such as shock and vibrations
  • Resistant to transient overvoltages caused by the switching processes of inductive loads
  • Minimal generation of heat and secure current flow in the event of a short circuit
  • Future-proof transmission of high data volumes and continuously increasing transmission rates in an environment subject to high electromagnetic loads
  • Robust even when exposed to extreme environmental influences such as lightning strike

Totally protected – even under extreme environmental influences

Advantages of Advanced Shielding Technology  

Advantages of Advanced Shielding Technology

Liquid metal that completely encloses the cable shielding during the manufacturing process guarantees an totally protected shield connection and thus enables the reliable and interference-free transmission of data, signals and power in future factory automation.

By opting for Advanced Shielding Technology you are investing in future-proof cabling.


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Advanced Shielding Technology

Totally protected shielding for assembled connectors.

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