HMIs and industrial PCs for harsh ambient conditions

HMIs and industrial PCs for harsh ambient conditions

Developed for extremes

Rugged HMIs and industrial PCs resistant to harsh environmental effects and chemicals.

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Our rugged HMIs and industrial PCs are designed for permanent exposure to weather influences. Thanks to the IP67-protected front and extended temperature range, these devices can be used, for example, in charging stations or other applications with harsh ambient conditions such as sewage treatment plants.

Your advantages

  • Ideal for outdoor applications, thanks to a display readable in direct sunlight and weatherproof materials
  • Easy to use, even when wearing work gloves
  • Resistant to UV and IR radiation, as well as environmental influences such as salt spray or termites
  • Resistant to chemicals, such as aggressive cleaning agents or de-icing agents for aircraft
  • Use in extreme environments, thanks to extended temperature range of -40 °C to 70 °C

Developed for use in harsh environments

Device with IP67 front  

Also operable when wearing gloves

In practical applications, HMIs and industrial PCs impress thanks to their user-friendly operation and maintenance, as well as their long runtime. This is due to the device properties, which have been specifically tailored to outdoor requirements.

  • Regardless of the prevailing environmental conditions in your system, the IP67 front offers reliable protection at all times.
  • You can now operate and monitor even faster and easier. All rugged devices can be operated when wearing gloves.

Innovative display technology

HMI with display readable in sunlight  

Good readability despite sunlight

You can even use your devices in direct sunlight. Thanks to optical bonding, the displays of the outdoor HMIs and industrial PCs are clearly readable at all times. In addition to this, they are provided with an anti-reflection coating (AR coating) and are therefore clear to read even in dazzling sunlight. An integrated UV and IR filter ensures a long service life for the HMIs and industrial PCs.


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