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Remote maintenance with the FL MGUARD router

The comprehensive teleservice and remote maintenance concept from Phoenix Contact is the solution to cost-effective automation. Security should be kept in mind when it comes to machine maintenance from any location – for example by enabling the VPN tunnel using a key switch. FL MGUARD routers can be used to protect parts of your system network, complete production cells or individual automation components.

The clever concept

Network construction of an automation system via the Internet and protected by security router

Secure remote maintenance – with the FL MGUARD

The secure remote maintenance concept from Phoenix Contact offers other advantages in addition to the availability of public networks from any location:

  • Reduced travel costs and downtimes
  • Optional services, e.g., with a service portal
  • Greater customer loyalty thanks to high level of service quality
  • Less expense linked to warranties
  • Fewer devices, as remote maintenance, routing, and firewall are combined in a single device
  • Operator network protected against unauthorized access
  • No safety problems associated with the theft of equipment
  • Same level of administration required, even if the number of machines increases
  • The customer alone enables remote maintenance
  • Easy machine integration in customer networks
  • Fast resolution of IP address conflicts
  • Machine is protected from the operator network and vice versa
  • No adaptation of machines and systems, no software required


Ideal for distributed protection

Routers with integrated firewall  

Security routers with integrated firewall for DIN rails

FL MGUARD modules are network components and combine the functions of a router, firewall, and VPN device. The aim: maximum security and system availability.

  • Maximum level of security with IPsec protocol on Layer 3
  • Up to 10 parallel VPN tunnels (up to 250 as an option)
  • High VPN data throughput of up to 70 Mbps
  • Supports current certificates such as x509.v3
  • Connection for VPN enable button and VPN status LED
  • Only uses outgoing User Datagram Protocol (UDP) connections of the operator network
  • Stateful inspection firewall for dynamic filtering

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