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Intelligent solutions for easy monitoring through to the control of complex systems.

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You can use the standardized control solution, which supports modular extension, to intelligently automate your machines and systems in conveying technology. The individual versions enable you to perform various functions, from monitoring alone to the complex control of your system.

Your advantages

  • Various possible applications in your production, thanks to a control cabinet concept that supports modular extension
  • Fast startup involving significantly less development effort, thanks to standardized solutions with comprehensive software packages
  • Efficient system operation, thanks to possible use of smart services as part of predictive maintenance and big data analysis
  • PLCnext Technology enables the use of traditional and modern programming languages

Intelligent control – Full control of machines and systems

Smart system control  

Automate machines and systems efficiently

Smart production control in the control cabinet enables you to control assembly and production machinery as well as logistics units.

Functional safety is particularly important here. By incorporating SafetyBridge Technology, comprehensive safety functions, such as the integration of emergency stop, safety doors, and two-hand starters, are taken into consideration. Integration into higher-level system structures is also supported for many controller manufacturers and communication protocols.

Easy monitoring – Communicate system data reliably

Reliable data monitoring  

Use global machine data for optimizations

Transferring real-time data via the cloud connection enables you to exploit optimization potential.

This means, for example, that you can analyze global operations and optimize them to increase productivity. Furthermore, predictive maintenance hinges on the collection and transmission of real-time data. Thanks to the prompt replacement of components that are susceptible to wear, you can extend the service life of the machine, for example, and plan production better due to predictable system availability.

Automation across borders – Control solution for the production of tomorrow

PLCnext Store  

Use helpful function blocks and apps for efficient automation

Thanks to PLCnext Technology, you can work flexibly with your preferred programming languages, whether IEC 61131 or high-level languages.

Software applications (apps) for industrial applications in the field of automation technology are available for download from the PLCnext Store. Using these apps and open-source software that is also available, you can extend PLCnext Control directly and easily by adding more technical functions to suit your specific application.

The cloud connection integrated in the controller enables you to evaluate your machine and system data worldwide.

Secure communication – The innovative shield for your system

System protection  

Reliable protection for your machines

Protect your systems against unauthorized access by people or malware. The cyber security products from Phoenix Contact protect your system network with a powerful, flexible, and fast firewall. In addition, the optional VPN function enables you to connect securely to remote locations or machines via the Internet.

Individual configuration – Your custom control cabinet solution

Scope of functions for control cabinet solutions  

Function blocks enable the quick and easy customization of your control cabinet

The basic version of the extendable control cabinet solution is characterized by the integration of functional safety using SafetyBridge Technology and the integrated cloud connection.

Various function blocks, such as cyber security, WLAN connection, and motor control enable numerous applications. The solution can be extended with individual components for specific purposes.

Planning and programming effort for the automation solution is reduced significantly by existing concepts and comprehensive function blocks. This results in faster project implementation.


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