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Our product range is comprised of safe I/O modules for easy, central integration of safety functions into compact machines. With the safe I/O modules featuring proven SafetyBridge Technology, you can realize complex, decentral safety solutions. The safe I/O modules can be operated in mixed networks such as PROFIBUS and PROFINET on one controller.

Your advantages

  • Cost-effective system configuration, because safety PLCs and safe fieldbus systems are not required
  • Flexible use due to compatibility with all common bus systems
  • Easy configuration using the SAFECONF software
  • Safe data transmission via wireless systems and to the cloud

Safe I/Os for the control cabinet: Axioline Smart Elements

Safe I/Os for Axioline Smart Elements  

Safe I/Os for the Axioline Smart Elements I/O system

The Axioline Smart Elements are compact, plug-in I/O modules for implementing your individual I/O concept. Bus communication for the relevant I/O system, consisting of four or six Smart Elements, is realized in conjunction with an Axioline F backplane.

Axioline Smart Elements allow you to meet the highest safety requirements up to PL e and SIL 3. Our TÜV-certified Smart Elements support the safe PROFIsafe communication protocol and SafetyBridge Technology for decentral and network-independent safety solutions.

Safe I/Os for the control cabinet: Axioline F

Safe I/Os for Axioline F  

Safe I/Os for the Axioline F I/O system

Axioline F is the I/O system with a block-based modular design. Thanks to its particularly short response times, Axioline F is ideal for fast and synchronous processes.

With the safe I/O modules featuring SafetyBridge Technology, you can easily realize safe, decentral communication without safe PLCs.

In PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks, the PROFIsafe modules are used to acquire and output safety-related signals.

Safe I/Os for the control cabinet: Inline

Safe I/Os for Inline  

Safe I/Os for the Inline I/O system

Inline is the flexible all-rounder designed down to the last detail. You can design your automation functions according to your specific requirements from a wide range of I/O modules and function terminals for all common fieldbus systems and Ethernet networks.

With Inline, the choice is yours: implement the simplest solutions for functional safety with the Inline ECO Safe terminal or complex, decentral safety solutions with SafetyBridge Technology or PROFIsafe.

Safe I/O box for field installation

Axioline E Safe IP67 I/O box  

Safe IP67 I/O box with IO-Link

The Axioline E Safe IP67 I/O box enables you to process safe inputs and outputs outside of the control cabinet.

The I/O box has eight safe inputs, four safe outputs, and one IO-Link interface. You can use the I/O box in SafetyBridge Technology and PROFIsafe applications. The safety protocol is transmitted to the standard network via an IO-Link master.

Easy configuration using the SAFECONF software

SAFECONF configuration software  

SAFECONF configuration software

Using SAFECONF, you can easily create the safety logic for the PSRtrisafe configurable safety modules via drag and drop.

The SAFECONF software provides you with tools to configure your safety logic – easily and in accordance with the relevant standards. All of the tools are arranged directly in one window, enabling you to work intuitively. Programming knowledge is not required.

Why not try it out? Download the configuration software free of charge.


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