Highly compact signal conditioners

Space saving and efficient

Space saving and efficient

MINI Analog signal conditioners isolate, convert, filter, and amplify your analog signals – with a design width of just 6.2 mm.

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The signal conditioners from the MINI Analog range offer the full spectrum of analog signal conditioning. They are therefore extremely efficient with regard to saving costs, space, and energy. The comprehensive approval package means that they can be used in a variety of areas.

Your advantages

  • Save up to 65% space compared to other signal conditioners on the market, thanks to the 6.2 mm design width
  • High energy efficiency and long service life, thanks to low power consumption
  • Flexible power bridging and convenient group error indication by means of DIN rail connector and the fault monitoring system function
  • Convenient configuration and monitoring via DIP switches or software for extended function and monitoring
  • High operational reliability in the event of disturbances, thanks to 3-way electrical isolation

Signal conditioners for every area of application – MINI Analog product overview

Possible applications for 6 mm signal conditioners  

Possible applications for MINI Analog signal conditioners

MINI Analog signal conditioners from Phoenix Contact are the ideal solution – from analog signal conversion and temperature measurement to simplifying multi-channel applications.

Choose the right MINI Analog signal conditioner for your application:

Analog IN/OUT

  • Universal and standard 3-way isolators
  • 3-way repeater power supplies
  • 4-way signal duplicators
  • 2-way passive isolators
  • 2-way loop-powered isolators


  • Universal and standard measuring transducers for thermocouples
  • Universal and standard measuring transducers for resistance thermometers
  • Loop-powered PT100 measuring transducers


  • Frequency transducers
  • Analog frequency transducers


  • Potentiometer measuring transducers with automatic potentiometer detection

Limit values

  • Threshold value switches with PDT relay

Digital IN

  • NAMUR signal conditioners with relay output


  • Supply components
  • Fault monitoring module
  • Marking material



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