Media converters for Ethernet

Media converters for Ethernet

Long ranges, maximum immunity to interference

Perfect for interference-free connection and bridging long distances: stand-alone media converters for Ethernet networks.

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Increase your system availability with stand-alone media converters from Phoenix Contact. Depending on the technology used and the transmission speed selected, you can bridge distances of up to 40 kilometers.

Your advantages

  • Maximum immunity to interference, even when exposed to extreme electromagnetic influences, thanks to optical transmission
  • Maximum transmission distances with an extremely high data rate, thanks to FO technology
  • Constant connection monitoring, thanks to the link fault pass-through function
  • Use in potentially explosive areas – approved for zone 2
  • Media converters for Ethernet are part of the COMPLETE line system

Media converters for time-critical applications

Media converter with DIP switch  

FL MC 2000T media converter with DIP switch

The FL MC 2000T series devices can be switched between standard store-and-forward mode with auto negotiation and pass-through mode. This makes it possible to achieve very short delays (latency) of 835 nanoseconds. These devices are therefore ideal for applications with time-critical Ethernet protocols such as PROFINET IRT, Powerlink, EtherCAT, and Sercos III.

  • Store-and-forward or pass-through mode (low latency, 835 ns) can be selected via DIP switch
  • Multimode or single mode fiberglass cable
  • B-FOC (ST®) or SC duplex transmission range of up to 9.6 km
  • Redundant input voltage range from 12 V DC to 48 V DC
  • Compact design in robust metal housing
  • LED indicator for link and data activity

Media converters for Ethernet networks with basic requirements

Class 1000 media converters  

Media converters for applications with basic requirements

The class 1000 media converters are designed for applications with basic requirements. They provide an easy and cost-effective entry-level solution for converting to FO technology in industrial Ethernet networks.

  • Choice between SC duplex and B-FOC (ST) with 50/125 µm multimode fiberglass
  • Transmission range of up to 9.6 km
  • Store-and-forward with auto negotiation
  • Input voltage range from 12 V DC to 48 V DC
  • Compact design in robust metal housing
  • LED indicator for link and data activity


Full duplex data traffic using a single optical fiber

FL MC 10/100BASE-T/FO... series media converters  

Full duplex FO connection via single-fiber cable

The FL MC EF WDM… media converters provide a full duplex FO connection with just one optical fiber. This is made possible thanks to WDM (wavelength division multiplex) technology. Benefit from the advantages:

  • Transceiver for WDM with 1310/1550 nm wavelength for simultaneous sending and receiving on one optical fiber
  • Single-fiber connection via single mode fiberglass cable
  • Transmission range of up to 38 km
  • Transmission speed of 100 Mbps
  • Automatic MDI (Media Dependent Interface)/MDI-X (Media Dependent Interface Crossover) and auto negotiation
  • LFP (link fault pass-through) and FEF (far end fault) diagnostic function
  • Extended temperature range: -40°C to +65°C

These devices are ideally suited to rotating applications with optical slip rings, such as in wind turbine generators. Here, they connect the rotating hub and motor nacelle. Thanks to the WDM media converters, it is now possible to connect optical slip rings using a single fiber. These are several times more cost-effective than slip rings with multiple fibers.

What's more, you can double data throughput in existing FO installations without having to lay additional FO cables.


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