Solutions for automotive manufacturing Increasing production efficiency, improving sustainability, enhancing cybersecurity.

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Intelligent solutions for any production area

To stay competitive, production systems and processes must always be at a high level in terms of technology, especially in the automotive industry. What this means: The degree of automation, complexity, and networking are at a maximum. Count on us to be your reliable partner. Our range of technological competencies and services will help you increase your production efficiency, improve sustainability, and enhance cybersecurity in your automotive production.

Digitalization in automotive production Networking lines from data collection to artificial intelligence AI

From data acquisition to artificial intelligence

From secure networking and automation to artificial intelligence

For many decades, one of our key industries has been automotive production, for which we work tirelessly every day to develop solutions for digitalization, networking, and safe automation. Key factors here are an intelligent network of all systems with state-of-the-art communication and security standards, as well as secure collaboration between man and machine. Benefit from our expertise and make your production processes more resilient and more secure against system downtimes. Make your factory smarter with AI-assisted data analysis and create more flexible production processes by making better use of your data to operate more economically and sustainably in the long term.

The global automotive industry is undergoing a transformation characterized by new technological trends that affect all areas of production. A permanently safe infrastructure and the intelligent networking of all systems through modern communication standards are among the basic requirements when it comes to smart factories. Artificial intelligence and efficient data management allow economic and ecological goals to be reconciled.

Wilhelm Scholle - Phoenix Contact, Director Global Industry Manager - Discrete Manufacturing
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Digitalizing your production plant Creating value with instantly available solutions

Growing infrastructures and an increasing level of digitalization provide optimal opportunities to realize value with existing data: For example, increase the productivity of your plant. Two of the prerequisites for this are handling your data properly and securing your networks against unauthorized access. Phoenix Contact has tested and verified suitable solutions in its own production, and today offers various solutions with proof of concept for the digital future of your digital factory.

Digitalization as a booster – use cases from the automotive industry

In our decades in the industry, we have already implemented numerous applications in a wide range of trades for well-known customers. Discover the advantages of our use cases in automotive production.

Solutions for the automotive industry
Solutions for the automotive industry YouTube

Solutions for all production areas

For production to be successful, safety and flexible processes need to dovetail. Throughout the entire production process, robust, open, and consistent automation solutions are in demand. Secure communication, the functional safety of machinery, consistent diagnostics, and high levels of availability and processing speed are particularly important.

Team of international colleagues

Partner to the automotive industry – worldwide

The automotive industry requires global availability and worldwide service. Phoenix Contact has locations and subsidiaries in more than 140 countries around the globe. Our experts are closely networked across national borders and are in constant exchange with our customers and partners, as well as with the scientific community and industry networks such as the PNO.

We are a partner to the automotive industry.

High-performance products for automotive production

Impressive industry solutions are created as a result of excellent products, many years of experience, and consideration of special requirements. When combined in an intelligent way, these products become systems for a variety of functions such as control, remote monitoring or measured value acquisition. Inspiring industry solutions are created as a result of industry expertise, many years of experience, and consideration of special requirements.