Transformer terminal blocks with various connection technologies

Transformer terminal blocks for convenient test circuits

The test-disconnect terminal blocks offer a high degree of convenience for all the necessary test circuits in secondary current transformer circuits. With six universal function shafts, the test-disconnect terminal blocks provide the highest level of functionality and flexibility in potential distribution. You can protect connected current transformers reliably thanks to connector versions with integrated leading short-circuit contact.

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  • High-level functionality with up to six universal function shafts for potential distribution or test purposes
  • Modular design for current transformer and measuring transducer switching with plug-in transformer terminal blocks
  • Reliable protection of connected current transformers and measuring transducers with plug versions with integrated leading short-circuit contact
  • Simple and functional design with feed-through terminal blocks and PE terminal blocks of the same shape
  • Reliable contacting and latching of the section disconnector in the respective switching state
  • Clear identification of the switching states
Current transformers

Current transformers

Current transformers and measuring transducers

Current transformers are measuring transducers that convert an incoming electrical variable such as the amperage or the electrical voltage into a proportional, deviating output variable. They reduce large current voltages and strengths because these currents are often too high for conventional measuring devices. These variables must be reduced proportionally to make them measurable. This requires transformers. The energy industry is just one industry in which such transformers are used, and therefore transformer terminal blocks as well. The test-disconnect terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact enable you to set up your measuring transducers in compliance with the relevant technical and standard requirements. With fast switching options in the form of section disconnectors and switching bridges, the various measurements are made possible without significant effort.

Transformer disconnect terminal blocks

Transformer disconnect terminal blocks

Transformer terminal blocks and transformer disconnect terminal blocks

The current transducer terminal blocks allow you to freely select the connection technology. A patented triple function shaft was used in the design of the current transformer terminal blocks. This is also one of the reasons why the compact design of the terminal blocks could be guaranteed. The section disconnectors on the terminal blocks allow safe switching between the switching states using a screwdriver on the orange disconnect lever. Latching is integrated in the end positions and optional switching locks are available to ensure that this switching state is not changed inadvertently. In addition to the disconnect terminal blocks, feed-through terminal blocks and PE terminal blocks of the same shape complete the product range.

PTME test-disconnect terminal blocks

PTME test-disconnect terminal blocks

Automatic and safe short-circuiting

You can safely and conveniently short-circuit the measuring transducer using the plug-in bridge bars and a standard screwdriver. The bridge bars can be positioned on both sides of the disconnect point in the bridge shaft and securely latched in place. In addition to the short-circuit bridge version, plug-in terminal block versions with short-circuit plugs can also be used. When the plug is pulled out, an integrated metal switching device ensures a leading short circuit. Connected measuring transducers are therefore automatically protected against damage.

PROJECT complete planning software

Efficient planning with PROJECT complete

Efficient planning with PROJECT complete

Intuitive configuration, intelligent functions, and a customizable user interface: PROJECT complete planning and marking software is the innovative solution for the easy planning of your terminal strips and the straightforward creation of the corresponding markings.

From the transfer of data from electrical planning to delivery of your finished product, the software features individual and convenient process support.