EH basic housings

EH basic electronics housings for universal applications

The EH housing system is suitable for universal use on walls or DIN rails. The housings have an integrated, freely selectable PCB connection technology. A range of seven overall widths, two installed heights, and three housing cover versions provide more than 100 possible combinations. This electronics housing series enables the easy implementation of modular device systems in a consistent design.

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  • Comprehensive standard housing range for DIN rail mounting
  • Easy and time-saving housing installation
  • Universal or permanently integrated connection technology
  • Numerous variations with customer-specific printing and processing options for the entire product range
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EH series basic electronics housings
Field housings and DIN rail housings

Configurator for electronics housings

Create your electronics housing for the field or indoor application: Select the desired housing series, the corresponding lower part, and the cover. Add the appropriate connection technology and the process is complete.

EH series housings at a glance With basic housings of the EH series, you can design universal device applications as simply as possible. Seven overall widths, two installation depths, and three cover versions offer more than 100 possible combinations.

Interactive image map: EH series electronic enclosures
Easy installation
The tool-free latching of the housing parts ensures quick and easy assembly.
Easy installation
Flexible device development
Two installation depths and seven overall widths provide you with full flexibility in your device development.
Flexible device development
Tailored identification
Use the already-integrated marking fields for the identification markings for your devices.
Tailored identification

Housing system for universal applications

EH plastic housing cover
Various shapes of the EH housing
EH housing with individually alignable printed circuit boards
Various attachment options for EH series housings
Optical signal displays
EH plastic housing cover

Versatility, the main principle behind the EH series, is also carried over to the cover design. The open terminal compartment provides flexibility for PCB connection technology. Three cover versions are available for individual PCB connections. Choose between covers with terminal compartment open on one or both sides or a closed cover.

Various shapes of the EH housing

A new definition of flexibility – with seven overall widths, two heights, and three cover versions, you can create modular device systems with a uniform design. Choose the perfect layout for your solution from housing widths ranging from 22.5 to 90 mm and housing heights ranging from 54 to 110.5 mm.

EH housing with individually alignable printed circuit boards

Due to the flexible housing design, the PCBs can be aligned horizontally, frontally, or even orthogonally to the device front. This provides you with full flexibility in device development.

Various attachment options for EH series housings

Use DIN rail or wall mounting for an application-specific device attachment. The base latch is designed for mounting on the standard DIN rail NS 35/7.5.

Optical signal displays

The HS LC light guides for electronics housings are available in a variety of designs and are perfectly matched to the housings. The light guides are also resistant to ESD.

The press pins enable easy mounting on the PCB. We offer the necessary processing of your electronics housings as an optional service.

Video: Easy assembly of the EH series electronics housing
Easy assembly of the EH series electronics housing YouTube

Easy assembly of the EH series electronics housing

Find out how easy it is to assemble the EH Series plastic housing. Step by step, you can assemble the EH housing in three different versions. The plastic housing can be mounted easily on the DIN rail as well as on the wall.

Exploded view of an electronics housing

Fast and cost-optimized development with development kits

Our development kits provide a quick way for you to develop your prototypes and pre-series devices. The kits contain complete housing solutions with integrated flexible connection technology and corresponding perfboard PCBs. You can implement entire device systems with specific bus connectors.

Configure your development kit in our shop and start right away on your device development project.

Overview of the electronics housings portfolio
Discover housings for the DIN rail and outdoor use and learn how flexibly you can adapt electronics housings to your individual needs.
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DIN rail housings and field housings
Electronics housings of the ME MAX series

Technical principles of electronics housings Solutions for DIN rail applications

Electronics housings are an elementary part of a device. They determine its appearance and protect the electronics from external influences. In addition, they enable assembly in superordinate units. Device manufacturers must therefore pay attention to many details, and not only in the design, but also in the choice of housing when it comes to materials and quality testing. This brochure provides you with all the details.