Partners, distributors, and suppliers

At Phoenix Contact, our approach is based on a solid foundation of trust and partnership. This motivates us to take responsibility and gives us the freedom to come up with new ideas. Quality, innovative products, and customer satisfaction throughout the entire supply chain are essential for our and your success. Here, you can learn more about our partner program, find your nearest distributor, or log into our supplier portal.

Working together is crucial to achieving joint success.

Ursula Lampmann †, Partner at Phoenix Contact until 2015


At Phoenix Contact, we offer a variety of value-added services for our customers. Now, we are going a step further by providing our customers with dedicated solution partners.

Solution partners are companies that manufacturers turn to for help with the development, construction, installation, and maintenance of new and retrofitted automation or process and/or wireless systems.

Why use a solution partner?

  • By engaging the services of an experienced integrator, you will save time and money with a more productive, cost-effective solution.
  • Experienced solution partners keep up to date with the latest technology, which means that you can benefit from the full functionality and advantages of products in your automation project.
  • Specialized industry experience. Automation or wireless integrators provide niche technical expertise that complements the resources of the customer.
  • When you combine our broad range of innovative products and support with the services and expertise of a system integrator, the experience for the end user is sure to be a positive one.
  • Working in collaboration with our experienced integrators allows you to concentrate on what you do best. Leave the management and implementation of your automation project to the experts.
Business partners exchanging ideas


In addition to using our shop, you can also purchase our products from a number of distributors. The link below will take you to a list where you can find existing distributors for Phoenix Contact and electrical wholesalers near you.