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Make your work easier and more efficient with our range of quality hand tools, from cutting and stripping to crimping and screwing. For even faster results, our range of automatic tools enables you to quickly and precisely cut, strip, and crimp conductors and cables - even for small to medium quantities. Achieve the highest quality results with our professional tools - precision, durability, and effectiveness guaranteed.

Hand Tools





Wirefox D13 video

Wirefox 10, 16, 4, and 6SC

Wirefox D40

Wirefox-D CX

Crimpfox 4 in 1

Crimpfox M

Crimpfox Duo 16S


Battery-Powered Screwdriver Product Demonstration – SF-ASD 16

Benchtop Cutters

DIN rail benchtop cutter
DIN rail benchtop cutter YouTube

DIN rail benchtop cutter

Wire duct bench top cutter
Wire duct bench top cutter YouTube

Wire duct bench top cutter

Automatic Tools

Cutfox 10

CF 3000 - Introduction video
CF 3000 - Introduction video YouTube

CF 3000 - Introduction

CF 500 - Overview

CF 1000

WF 1000