Modular and flexible machine building

Modular machine construction

  • Today’s machines must be able to quickly adapt to changes in the market
  • Modular machine concepts guarantee your customers the greatest possible flexibility
  • The modular machine building design also makes the transport and installation of large and extensive machines at the customer’s premises easier

Man sets up modular production system for PCB terminal blocks
Employees in machine building attach heavy-duty connectors

Connection technology for the field

A wide variety of connection technology solutions are used in machine building. From the control cabinet to the field, COMPLETE line provides innovative products that are characterized by robustness, flexibility, and ease of use.
The COMPLETE line portfolio includes scalable solutions for the transmission of signals, data, and power for connecting sensors and actuators as well as for connecting the control cabinet.

Connection of sensors and actuators in the field in machine building

Signal transmission

There are many different requirements when it comes to controlling machines. While the machine controller is well protected against environmental influences in control cabinets, numerous sensors and actuators as well as their connection are installed in exposed conditions in the field. COMPLETE line provides solutions for the flexible, modular, and efficient connection of these components in the field.