Operate buildings efficiently with the Smart Building Cloud The ongoing operating costs of buildings account for around 80% of the total lifecycle costs. With Emalytics Cloud, you can significantly reduce running costs, increase building efficiency, and stay flexible with the SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. Our cloud-based IoT solution is therefore suitable for the analysis and optimization of existing buildings, such as office buildings (Smart Office), schools, or other buildings. By using German data centers with high security requirements, your data and systems remain protected at all times despite digitalization.

Building with the Smart Building Cloud

The challenge

Person working on a screen with the Smart Building Cloud
Person evaluating data from the Smart Building Cloud with a tablet
Smart building from the inside
Person working on a screen with the Smart Building Cloud

Ongoing operating costs, such as electricity, heating, and maintenance costs, are a major cost factor in a building’s lifecycle.

We help you to keep track of consumption and expenditure and achieve sustainable cost reductions in your smart building. Together, we collect the data from your building technology, integrate the data points into Emalytics Cloud, and ensure intelligent networking.
You decide on the degree of autonomy – from detailed recommended actions derived from digital twins to AI-based optimization of operating costs.

Person evaluating data from the Smart Building Cloud with a tablet

Many building management systems (BMS) are cost-intensive to procure, have an inflexible monthly cost structure, and involve a long-term commitment.

With Emalytics Cloud, you can enjoy the full flexibility of a SaaS solution. This means that you do not need your own server and can decide how long your chosen license model should run for. The digital services and licenses can also be adapted during operation. This also allows you to integrate and evaluate additional data points. You thus remain flexible in the future and only pay for what you need.

Smart building from the inside

Do you already have a rough idea of your expenditure and consumption, but are not yet able to allocate the costs correctly? Or is your system data only accessible via various third-party systems?

We work with you to carry out an inventory of your building services. In order to ensure the availability of system data and interoperability with other building systems, we draw up an action plan. With Emalytics Cloud, all data can be integrated and viewed centrally, whatever the brand of controller. This means that your systems can also be controlled for the Internet of Things.


Optimize your building operation in three simple steps. Experience shows that the investment pays for itself after just six months. Start now and try it for a month with no obligation.

Tino Zander, Global Industry Management Building Technologies
Tino Zander

Optimize operating costs in three steps

Person connecting an intelligent plug-and-play interface (Emalytics Connector) to the Smart Building Cloud
Person looking at Smart Building Cloud data on screens
Person connecting an intelligent plug-and-play interface (Emalytics Connector) to the Smart Building Cloud

Together, we draw up a checklist of all the building technology systems. We also help you to efficiently access building data that was previously unavailable.

We then connect all the data to the Smart Building Cloud via our intelligent plug-and-play interface (Emalytics Connector). Our software architecture also supports data imports from third-party providers. This gives you access to all relevant information at all times via a central system.
With the standardized connection, you no longer have to worry about data security, installation, updates, or the availability of hardware and software. So nothing stands in the way of your smart building.

Person looking at Smart Building Cloud data on screens

Use our smart training package and structure your smart building in just a few steps. Building Information Modeling (BIM) makes it easy to view operating data, events, and status messages digitally.

With automatic analysis functions, optimal operation of your smart building is simulated using digital twins based on the available data. As a result, system-supported recommended actions enable you to optimize operation with potential savings of up to 20%. You can start the process much more quickly, as you do not need facility management personnel or expertise in order to get started.

We will be happy to support you in the digitalization of systems, setting up the data, and analyzing the recommended actions from the Smart Building Cloud.


Emalytics Cloud enables you to make autonomous optimizations to your smart building beyond the recommended actions.

The adjustments are made possible by write access to specific system parameters and are continuously optimized by AI-based algorithms.

The autonomous controls double the efficiency results of optimizing your smart building. This means that you can save up to 40% of the ongoing operating costs and the associated energy consumption and carbon emissions without having to invest in the actual system technology.

Data security of a smart building

Data security as a central element More than just DIN ISO/IEC 27001

Security and data protection are non-negotiable requirements that we take into consideration from the outset when designing your IT systems for a smart building.

Our smart software architecture ensures that your data is protected at all times and will remain so in the future. To achieve this, we work with multi-stage, redundant security mechanisms. Data is backed up in several certified data centers in Germany, in compliance with strict German data protection laws.

We will also be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on your IT security and provide digital data protection with our customized security solutions.

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Your advantages A sustainable reduction in operating costs with the Smart Building Cloud

  • Reduce your analysis outlay with system-supported recommended actions
  • Achieve a perfect balance between system availability and user comfort
  • Optimize your operations by using predictive maintenance
  • Increase your energy efficiency to realize your ESG strategy

Contact person

Your contact person: Tino Zander
Tino Zander
Global Industry Management Building Technologies
I will be happy to support you on your journey toward sustainable buildings.


Three tips for saving money quickly

Office space
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Smart building from the inside
Office space

With Emalytics Cloud, you can implement an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 that is eligible for module 3 EEW funding in Germany. All energy data is recorded centrally by our software and consumption is monitored automatically. With our software tools and AI-based data analysis, you can reduce energy, CO₂, and costs by up to 40% when operating your smart building.

Shading in the office

Use the Smart Building Cloud to connect the heating and water heating of your intelligent building. This allows you to increase system efficiency through intelligent operational management and significantly reduce your energy costs. Building automation reduces associated carbon emissions by as much as 75%.

Smart building from the inside

It’s a familiar situation. Just when you urgently need to replace parts in a building, you discover that the necessary consumables are no longer available. This results in time-consuming adjustments, repairs, and checks. Reduce your maintenance expenditure with the monitoring functions of the Smart Building Cloud. The predictive analyses enable you to carry out maintenance in line with your needs.
You decide when you want to take action. Would you prefer to replace parts before affected components suffer more serious damage? Or would you prefer to take action when parts or components are defective? This can reduce your maintenance expenditure by up to 50% and avoid claims for compensation from users.