The perfect team for superior system availability

The perfect team for superior system availability

The TRIO POWER power supplies and the CBM multi-channel device circuit breakers work perfectly with each other when the availability of your system is important.

The combination of the CBM multi-channel electronic device circuit breakers and the TRIO POWER power supplies with push-in connection can help you increase the availability of your systems and machines.

Both products are perfectly matched to the requirements in machine building, forming an extremely slim 24 V power supply for superior system availability.

Your advantages

  • Saves space in the control cabinet thanks to the slim design of both products
  • Superior system availability, thanks to the optimum combination of power supply and device protection
  • Quick and tool-free installation, thanks to push-connection
Numerous fields of application due to large temperature range of - 25 ... + 70 °C and device startup at -40 °C

Robust power supply with standard functionality

TRIO POWER power supply with 10 A and 20 A output current  

Altogether, seven TRIO POWER power supply units are available

The new generation of the TRIO POWER range of power supplies is perfect for use in machine building. All functions and the space-saving design are tailored to the high requirements in this field. 

The power supply units, which feature an extremely robust electrical and mechanical design, ensure the reliable supply of all loads even under harsh ambient conditions.


TRIO POWER features

  • High cost-effectiveness
    • Quick installation thanks to push-in connection
    • Slim design
  • Superior system availability
    • Robust design for high shock, vibration resistance, and electric strength:
    • Dynamic boost starts heavy loads with 150% of the nominal current for five seconds
  • Maximum flexibility
    • Wide input voltage range for all common AC and DC networks:
    • Comprehensive approval package

Multi-channel electronic device circuit breakers - CBM

CBM device circuit breakers with four and eight channels  

CBM product versions with four or eight channels

Maximum functions, minimum overall width, high level of safety: protect your circuits in the event of overload and short-circuit current with the multi-channel electronic device circuit breakers. 

The four and eight-channel devices can be quickly installed without any tools and can be easily set.


CBM features

  • Nominal current assistant for easy setting of load currents
  • Early warning system for fewer system failures
  • Active current limitation to improve the capacity of the upstream power supply
  • Electronic locking of the current values prevents inadvertent changes being made to the settings
  • High MTBF values of more than 1 million hours


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Power supply units for superior system availability

TRIO POWER with push-in connection and UNO POWER rated up to 240 W.