Street lighting

Street lighting

Efficient lighting control

State-of-the-art lighting solutions increase the attractiveness and safety of roads and plazas.

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The existing infrastructure for street lighting has to face new technical and economic challenges. These are focused on increasing the safety and attractiveness of streets and plazas. Urban planners use energy-saving and low-maintenance solutions to accomplish these goals.

Innovative light management systems from Phoenix Contact provide demand-oriented control of the lighting from the control room via standardized remote control technology. Flexible switching scenarios enable efficient switching.

Your advantages

  • Significant minimization of maintenance and energy costs through diagnostics and monitoring of all stations in the control system
  • Transmission of all data to the control center via mobile communication for analysis and archiving
  • Automatic control of lighting based on calendar entries in case of a communication failure

Decentralized control and acquisition

Control of a street lighting system  

Demand-oriented lighting control

Control street lighting systems efficiently and, above all, in an energy-saving way.

Our automation system equips you for communication via standardized remote control technology. Switch on the lighting only when and where it is needed and depending on the specific twilight conditions.


Complete solution for surge protection  

Protect against surge voltages

Premature blackouts caused by surge voltages significantly reduce the savings potential of energy-saving LED street lighting. With turnkey solutions from Phoenix Contact for surge protection and device protection, you can keep these costs as low as possible.

The BLOCKTRAB surge protective devices provide reliable protection for your electrical equipment.They are easy to install directly in the lamp or in the cable junction box.

Exchanging data continuously

Data management in the control center  

Secure data transmission

To monitor remote systems, analyze measured values, and archive data, all stations have to be networked to the control center. The ODP server enables remote transmission of data, protected from unauthorized access.

Continuous exchange of data is possible – wired or via mobile communication – between street lighting distributors and SCADA systems.

Efficient activation of street lighting using M2M communication

The TC Mobile I/O X300 control and signaling device takes over activation of the light strips in the street lighting distributor. Communication takes place via an ODP/OPC server using mobile communication.

The individual activation of the power contactors in the street lighting distributor enables nighttime setting, semi-nighttime setting, and the separate activation of pedestrian crossings. The signaling device transmits and logs decentralized switch-on and switch-off times. In the event of a communication failure, the static, time-controlled switch-on of the street lighting is ensured.

Topology: street lighting control  

Demand-oriented activation of street lights


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