Passing places

Passing places

Uninterrupted shipping operations

Benefit from tried-and-tested solutions for monitoring system statuses and switching signals.

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  • State-based maintenance of waterways

    Installation companies and operators of signaling systems for waterways are faced with the challenge of failsafe application control and guaranteeing non-stop operation.

Ships in navigation canals cannot always pass each other safely. High-availability signal systems ensure smooth and uninterrupted operation at passing places.

Solutions from Phoenix Contact monitor system statuses and provide reliable switching of signals using remote control technology. The use of high-efficiency LED signal lights, designed for rough ambient conditions in the maritime environment, guarantees that shipping traffic runs smoothly.

Your advantages

  • Secure remote control solutions for integration in the control engineering
  • Fast installation, thanks to pre-assembled installation system
  • Easy startup with prefabricated functions and example projects


Signaling at a passing place  

Efficient LED signal lights

Phoenix Contact offers high-availability LED signal lights for use in light signaling systems. Modular controllers communicate directly all the way to the light.

The lights are connected to the control center via a PROFINET network, e.g., to control the light intensity or to define the behavior if the connection is interrupted. Users can access a wide range of diagnostic and status information in the control center for the passing place.

Remote control technology for decentralized signal systems

Remote control technology for decentralized signal systems  

Modular remote control solutions for signal systems

Whether it's mobile communication, cable, wireless technology or DSL – Phoenix Contact offers modular remote control solutions for your systems. Freely combining various transmission paths ensures the best possible adjustment to the system structure.

Using preprogrammed function block libraries, you can transmit your data securely from decentralized stations to the control room via standardized protocols.

Web-based maintenance

Web-based maintenance via a tablet  

Maintenance from any location with remote access

Web servers integrated into the controllers enable you to access your application data from mobile end devices. Benefit from HTML-based, system-specific visualization interfaces for maintenance and startup.

The availability of passing place signaling systems is becoming more transparent due to the fact that maintenance can be performed as and when it is required.

Remote control solutions for shipping routes

Waterways involve long distances. GSM-based control enables data exchange based on standardized protocols. Its integrated mobile network modem makes the controller ideal for remote control and remote maintenance.

Topology: remote control solutions for shipping routes  

Remote control and remote maintenance solutions based on standardized protocols


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