Wireless applications in transportation technology


Powerful transportation infrastructure  

Powerful transportation infrastructure

  • A good transportation infrastructure is an important prerequisite for positive economic development.
  • Phoenix Contact offers state-of-the-art, carefully coordinated communication and automation solutions for the availability and safety of roads and waterways.
  • The predominantly license-free wireless systems from Phoenix Contact with integrated with repeater functions are particularly suitable for creating line or mesh structures.


Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam  

Movable bridges

In many cases, great distances or obstacles must be overcome in transportation infrastructure (transportation routes, civil engineering structures, airports, railway stations, locks or harbors) e.g. to connect traffic or parking guidance systems with a control room. Display and information signs at construction sites often have to be networked only temporarily without any great effort.

Besides simple and quick installation, state-of-the-art, carefully coordinated communication concepts are indispensable to ensure reliable operation and high availability of the systems.


Phoenix Contact has been an expert provider of solutions and products in the field of transportation infrastructure for many years. All of the interfaces, whether simple I/O signals, serial data, or fieldbus protocols, can be transmitted over many kilometers, either by cable or wireless.

Wireless systems from Phoenix Contact enable users to easily and efficiently negotiate the many challenges of an industrial communication infrastructure.

Radioline from Phoenix Contact enables wireless transmission of both I/O signals and serial data. The wireless system can be used in many different ways and the Trusted Wireless 2.0 technology also ensures reliable transmission in harsh industrial environments, whatever the protocol type. Use wireless technology to easily connect your controller to serial field devices: from simple point-to-point transmission to high-performance mesh networks.

The slaves are connected directly via repeater slave intermediate stations. Up to 250 repeater slaves can be serially connected in order to extend the wireless path, or to integrate several repeater slaves. Serial I/O devices can also be connected to the repeater slave intermediate stations. If a connection in the network fails, the information is redirected via other network nodes (roaming). Self-organization and self-healing keep the network stable. Every device has multiple communication paths.

Use as mesh network  

Use as mesh network

Your advantages

  • Flexibility, easy installation, and cost savings compared to cable-based installations
  • Bypassing of obstacles
  • Alternative to slip rings that are prone to wear, and to cable lines on mobile devices
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • License-free – no operating costs

Further information

Here you will find additional information about our Radioline products.


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