Movable bridges

Movable bridges

Safety is our drive

With solutions from Phoenix Contact, you can reliably control the movement of the bridge from the control room.

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Movable bridges are used primarily to route road or rail traffic over rivers and canals. Due to the potential hazard for road users, special requirements for monitoring, operation, and functional safety apply. The motion of the support structure has to be controlled from the control room using sensors and actuators.

Solutions from Phoenix Contact give you safe and reliable operation of the bridge, including the protection functions.

Your advantages

  • Significant minimization of maintenance and energy costs through diagnostics and monitoring of all stations in the control system
  • Transmission of all data to the control center via mobile communication for analysis and archiving
  • Automatic control of lighting based on calendar entries in case of a communication failure

Safe bridge motion

Movable bridge  

Bridge motion according to the Machinery Directive

Excessively fast bridge motions can damage the mechanical system of the bridge.

Downtime and over-speed safety relays monitor the speed at which the bridge is raised and lowered. This prevents damage to the bridge and guarantees compliance with the requirements of the Machinery Directive.

Robust automation

Axioline automation system  

Automation system for rough conditions

The automation technology of the future is fast, robust, and simple. With Axiocontrol and Axioline, Phoenix Contact offers an automation system consisting of powerful and optimally coordinated controllers and I/Os.

Designed for rough conditions, the system withstands even the strong vibrations or shocks generated by moving bridges.

Redundant control

Redundant RFC controllers  

Redundant controller for maximum availability

When raising or lowering transportation infrastructure elements such as bridges, failsafe automation systems are a must.

The solution is to use redundant automation concepts based on the RFC 460R high-performance controller. This means that you can ensure that the automation always functions smoothly. If one controller fails, the other takes over immediately, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Redundancy means safety

A well-structured, powerful automation system with redundant control and network technology and a compatible field level ensures maximum availability of the movable bridge.

With industrial switches and control technology from Phoenix Contact, you can easily implement the stringent requirements for your system controller with forward planning. As well as the appropriate products, our safety specialists also offer you support in planning your system to optimum effect.

Topology: redundant control of movable bridges  

Redundancy concept for maximum availability of movable bridges


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