Control rooms

Control rooms

Keeping an eye on your system

All important data is collected together in the control room. With solutions from Phoenix Contact you can keep a constant eye on this information.

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The central control room is where all data of an intelligent traffic system flows together. This enables operators to maintain an overview of the system status at all times, including everything from camera monitoring to activating variable traffic signs to networking high-availability tunnel systems.

We support you in these tasks with products and solutions from Phoenix Contact. This includes, in addition to redundant control technology, components for a high-performance Gigabit network and software fully customized to the system.

Your advantages

  • Customizable scalability with regard to operation and monitoring
  • Wide variety of functions: including everything from trend display to alarms, reporting, logging, all the way to the archiving of data
  • Secure system monitoring from the cloud

Visualization and alarms

Visualization software screen  

Software solution for visualizing your system

Access your system from any location and at any time and diagnose its condition. With customized visualization solutions, you can keep an eye on your system at all times via remote access.

For example, you can use the Visu+ mobile app with a tablet or smartphone to access information about locks, bridges or passing places. This allows you to design efficient monitoring solutions for your technicians.

Reliable storage of operating data

Data management software screen  

Software for the acquisition, evaluation, and archiving of operating data

Status and diagnostic information provide the basis for the high availability of an operating system. They provide a detailed database for smart maintenance as well as for evidence preservation and traceability of the operating behavior.

You can easily create reports at any time, thanks to the reliable data management software from Phoenix Contact, which is used for the acquisition, long-term storage, and evaluation of operating data.

Secure networks

Network technology  

Secure solution for data transmission

Phoenix Contact offers reliable and above all secure solutions for data transmission from and to the control room.

Depending on the technical and geographical requirements of your traffic system, we offer you the right products: from wireless systems to 3G modems with security router and VPN technology right through to SHDSL modems if the infrastructure provides cables.

Visualization with cloud and SCADA technology

Design flexible operation and monitoring concepts. Using the visualization software in combination with
cloud technology, you can access your system securely at any time and from any location.

Extend your system visualization to mobile end devices such as smartphones and tablets with visualization technology from Phoenix Contact.

Topology: visualization with cloud/SCADA technology  

Operation and monitoring concepts based on visualization software and cloud technology


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