Park management: Automation and visualization

Park management: Automation and visualization

Meteorological data at a glance

With the weather station from Phoenix Contact, you know the efficiency of your system at all times.

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Operators of photovoltaic systems want to be kept informed of the energy efficiency and reliability of their ground-mounted system at all times. A possible measurement of this is the performance ratio, which indicates the ratio of the actual system yield to the yield which is theoretically possible.

If this value decreases unexpectedly, this signifies a system error. Weather stations measure important meteorological data around the clock, such as solar irradiation, wind speed, and temperature. This data is then included in the calculation of the performance ratio.

Your advantages

  • Low engineering and operating costs, thanks to intelligent automation solutions
  • Simple plug and play connection for weather sensors
  • Optional sensor heating
  • Suitable for every application: from a simple user interface to a SCADA solution
  • Intuitive operation, thanks to the clear graphical user interface

Acquisition of meteorological data

Thanks to our extensive portfolio of environmental sensors that can be connected directly to our control system via Modbus, we provide you with compact weather stations tailored to your needs. The pre-configured sensors are immediately available to transmit weather data.


Weather station in a PV system  

All standard sensors can be connected to the weather station

The weather station from Phoenix Contact is designed for universal use and supports the connection of up to eleven standard sensors via standard interfaces.

Furthermore, all electrical components within the weather station are protected reliably against surge voltages.


Web interface for parameterizing a weather station  

Easy parameterization of the weather station via the web interface

The individual sensors can be configured easily via the web interface. This means that no programming knowledge is required to start up the weather station.

The acquired meteorological data is saved locally on the controller and can be called up as required.


We offer flexible, easy-to-operate software to implement various visualization tasks. You need only a browser to display your photovoltaic system. Phoenix Contact also offers SCADA functionality and multi-touch support for convenient operation on smart devices.

Data transmission

Power supply and controller in the application  

Interfaces for data transmission to a SCADA system

To enable an easy connection to a higher-level SCADA system, the meteorological data is provided, if necessary, in a standardized data format such as Modbus, PROFINET or SunSpec®, and transmitted via Ethernet.

Access to the weather station is possible at any time thanks to the web interface within the system network.


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