Digital twin

Digital twin

Comparison between As Planned and As Built

Optimized maintenance through improved data quality.

In large process industry plants, a huge amount of resources are dedicated to keeping plant documentation up to date. Maintenance employees or external companies regularly inspect the production plant and document the changes identified through so-called red entries. The transfer of these red entries from paper lists to a P&I flow diagram often harbors the risk of transfer errors. As a result, manufacturer information cannot be assessed in the event of device discontinuation or product changes. Due to the constantly changing field device inventory in the production plant and the partially missing information, an inventory cannot be planned, which significantly complicates any necessary device replacements.

80% of the process plants are equipped with digital, HART-compatible field devices. However, only 5% of these use digital signals. Phoenix Contact allows you to retroactively tap the HART data and makes the field data necessary for this available in OPC UA format without any effect on the plant. With this additional smart field device data, we are ensuring digital system transparency – the so-called digital twin. With this transparency, maintenance, upkeep, and availability can be improved significantly. 

Your advantages

  • Current, real data from the plant is available at all times with automatic As-Built documentation
  • Tours for manually recording the installed HART field devices are no longer necessary due to the field devices being continuously connected
  • Rapid troubleshooting and the avoidance of downtimes in the event of manufacturer recalls, changes, or discontinuations with optimized inventories

Inventory list of HART devices at the touch of a button –
easy comparison between As Planned and As Built

With our web-based inventory, you always have all up-to-date field device information available at a glance. Any changes determined are framed for a better overview. This makes it easier for you to add red entries to your system documentation. You can also export the inventory lists. In this way, you are laying the foundation for entry into the world of the digital twin.

Web-based inventory list  

Example of the web-based inventory list

From the field to IoT

The electrical HART signals tap is retrofitted between the field and automation system without any negative effects. The field device data is normalized and standardized on the edge. It can therefore be made available for, say, added-value services such as predictive maintenance or for sustainable process optimization.

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Using the digital twin with HART

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