Pump and motor monitoring

Pump and motor monitoring

Predictive maintenance

Monitor the state of your rotating equipment reliably.

A large proportion of unplanned failures are caused by machinery and rotating equipment. Often these elements are either maintained in fixed time frames or not at all. Where maintenance is performed, it is carried out too soon or in some instances too late, thereby resulting in production stoppages.

With permanent monitoring of critical pumps and motors, we enable you to perform maintenance at precisely the right time. Depending on the size and type of machine, hydraulic, mechanical or electrical monitoring may be useful.

Your advantages

  • Minimal installation effort and easy retrofitting of active power measurement to monitor rotating equipment
  • Minimization of maintenance and repair work, as predictive maintenance makes smart use of electrical variables
  • Increased system availability with vibration and bearing image analysis

Starting points for status assessment

Pumps, motors, process plant  

Starting points for status assessment

The electrical power indicates the progress, state, and operating point of the machine or process.

Many faults can be identified by means of the active power characteristic, enabling maintenance to be performed at the right time.

Monitoring pumps and motors

Pump, motor, electrical power  

Recording of electrical power for status assessment

Motor operating values are recorded using the active electrical power by means of current and voltage measurement. For three-phase machinery, this is possible in combination with a direct circuit, contactor or frequency converter.

In addition, other sensors can be used for monitoring, which fine-tune the monitoring model. Values are transferred to a higher-level system, such as the cloud, MES, DB or asset management. Impact-free characteristics are therefore guaranteed.

Would you like information on using our monitoring solutions in your process plant?

We will be happy to advise you and support you in designing your custom, scalable monitoring concept right through to its complete installation and startup.


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