Modular production

Process plant with modular plant sections

Plug and Play

Automate your plant with Module Type Package (MTP).

Flexible products that can be designed individually are the goal of the fourth industrial revolution. Modular automation therefore plays a vital role in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, enabling the capacity of production plants to be adapted to market demands. In addition, consistent modularization and the use of standards reduce automation effort considerably, resulting in significant time savings in engineering.

Phoenix Contact will be happy to advise you regarding the implementation of NAMUR recommendation NE 148 and support you in the startup of your plant modules. We also offer the MTP Designer, a tool that enables you to plan modules very quickly and easily.

Your advantages

  • Flexible production also allows for smaller batch sizes and custom products
  • Increased plant efficiency due to the scalability of the individual modules
  • Shorter time to market, as existing modules can be reused by means of Plug and Produce
  • Reduced engineering times with the MTP Designer module engineering tool

Module Type Package (MTP) in automation

Graphic of the MTP contents  

Graphic presentation of the MTP content
(source: ZVEI/Namur/ProcessNet)

Cross-manufacturer standards are required for the modularization of automation systems. MTP is one such standard that has become established. It provides a functional description of process modules and makes it easier to integrate them into higher-level automation platforms in the overall plant, such as distributed control systems.

An MTP, i.e., the digital description of the plant module including visualization in the form of an operator display, cuts down on a lot of engineering work and therefore significantly reduces the investment costs for the overall plant. To ensure cross-manufacturer functionality, standard VDE 2658 was developed jointly by the chemical industry and automation manufacturers.

Module engineering tool

Man at a screen using the MTP Designer  

Software solution for the flexible implementation of module planning

Our MTP Designer software solution enables you to easily create the MTP description file from a piping and instrumentation diagram.

You can also save time by performing the module engineering and plant engineering in parallel. In addition, the tool reduces the programming effort significantly.

Structure of a modular plant

Graphic of process industry 4.0 modular production  

Concept of modular production in the process industry

Would you like information on our modular automation solutions for your process plants?

We will be happy to advise you and support you in the implementation of NAMUR recommendation NE 148 through to the startup of your plant modules.


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