Emergency shower monitoring

Emergency shower monitoring

Increased safety for system personnel

Monitor your emergency showers simply and reliably with solutions from Phoenix Contact.

The maintenance of emergency showers is often still performed by a service technician on site, and system personnel are dependent on help to call paramedics in the event of an emergency. Furthermore, international occupational safety standards demand the regular maintenance of the systems.

Central monitoring with Phoenix Contact reduces the need for regular inspections and ensures that the emergency showers also function immediately after the last regular inspection. Furthermore, paramedics are alerted to the exact spot immediately, increasing the safety of the system personnel.

Your advantages

  • Increased occupational safety, thanks to immediate alerting of plant security and in-house paramedics via SMS, e-mail, or web services in the event of the emergency shower being activated
  • Convenient monitoring of emergency showers and guaranteed functionality through the use of cloud services
  • Easy verification of the regular, routine maintenance, thanks to the maintenance reports being stored automatically

Central monitoring of system statuses

When an emergency shower is used, a message is triggered which can be sent via SMS, e-mail or web service. A connection to the ODP server or Proficloud can also be established to ensure a fast response in the event of an emergency.

With the solution from Phoenix Contact, plant security and the in-house paramedics are alerted to the precise point immediately in the event of an emergency shower being triggered.


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