Pipelines and transport

Pipelines and transport

Solutions for every infrastructure

Monitor your system with monitoring and remote control technology, regardless of the conditions on site.

Digitalize your transport paths and communicate consistently from the pipeline sensor to the control room. This allows you to benefit from our know-how in monitoring and remote control technology and monitor your systems reliably, irrespective of the specified infrastructure.

Complete solutions for automation of pigs are available from us for servicing and inspection with pig traps. To reliably reduce harmful surge voltages, we offer a wide range of innovative lightning protection arresters.

Your advantages

  • Fast and safe monitoring of leaks with complete packages for a large number of signal types
  • Keeping an eye on pipelines at all times with solutions for automatic pig traps and valve position monitoring
  • Reliable protection against damage from surge voltages, thanks to isolation spark gaps

Leak monitoring

System for leakage monitoring  

Solution for leak monitoring

Solutions for leak monitoring are usually based on the comparison of two adjacent measuring points. Phoenix Contact offers solutions which allow recording and processing of a large number of different sensor signals, even from the ex area.

You will find a variety of wireless or cabled solutions for reliable transmission.

Corrosion prevention

Cleaning pig in a pipeline  

Automation systems for safe use of pig traps

With the help of measuring and pig trapping, you ensure the good condition of your pipeline and keep your transport system efficient.

All valve positions must be clearly detected and transmitted for safe use of pig traps. Pig traps can be automated efficiently at the beginning and end of inspection and you can monitor valves reliably at any time.

Surge protection for pipelines

Surge protection for pipelines  

Solutions for protection against surge voltages caused by lightning strikes

Surge voltages caused by lightning strikes can make it impossible to repair pipe flange seals or even destroy them.

With isolating spark gaps from Phoenix Contact, you ensure reliable protection of your pipelines at every pipe transition, as well as longer maintenance intervals and operating times.

Communication solutions for any infrastructure

It doesn't matter what conditions dominate at the location, you will find the right communication solution with Phoenix Contact. Depending on the type of signal and amount of data, we realize a safe connection from the measuring point to the control room together.

Communication solution for pipelines  

Secure communication solution for data transmission to the control center


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